*Fighting Evil by Moonlight, Winning Love by Daylight…*

She is the one named Sailor Moon!!! How many 90’s babies out there are excited to hear about the reboot of a classic anime and manga is set to be streamed world-wide???? image The series is called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, or just Sailor Moon Crystal for short. It will be debuting worldwide on July 5th 2014. As of right now, Kotono Mitsuishi will be reprising her original role of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in the Japanese version. The show will have an English subtitle version and an entirely new English dub cast.



Sailor Moon Crystal will be broadcasted as 26 episodes that will air bi-weekly. The new series will be covering the Dark Kingdom arc from the manga. There are five arcs within the Sailor Moon manga. It has yet to be confirmed that Viz media will animate the remaining arcs as well. All you animé-niacs can view the new series via NicoNico (www.nicovideo.jp), Hulu/Neon Alley (www.hulu.com) or (www.viz.com/animestreaming), and of course Crunchyroll (www.crunchyroll.com).


The only heads up I want to give fans is that this is not the same show that ended 15 years ago. Please do not expect everything, including the storyline, to continue where the original stopped. Although there may be some new elements to the show, the essence of Sailor Moon as well as the other characters have remained the same. View this show with an open mind and I’m sure you all will adore these Sailor Scouts as much as their predecessors.