Sakura Matou: Fate/Stay Night

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Sakura Matou (born Sakura Tohsaka) from the Fate series is in my opinion, the character in all of anime with the most tragic back-story.


She was born as the second child into the Tohsaka family of Mages and Magecraft can only be passed to one heir in a given family. Since she wasn’t needed in her own family her father at the age of 8 gave her to the Matou family because their blood has become too impure of Mage blood. Unknown to him nor the rest of the Tohsaka family her adoptive grandfather Zouken Matou had kept her in a pit of his Crest Worms which violated her from head to toe, inside and out (and everywhere in between…) several hours every day, even using her body as a breeding pit all in the efforts to strengthen her magical powers.

As her “education” continued her body was experimented on, her meals poisoned, and was attempted to be killed numerous times. During all of this, her privileged older sister never tried to visit her, nor even acknowledges her existence. As she grew up, her adoptive older brother, who has no magical powers and despises her for being the “heir to the family” begins abusing her mentally, physically, and sexually.


He beats, rapes, and tortures her repeatedly over several years until her brother and one of his former friends gets into a fight, injuring him. After getting in trouble for injuring the boy her brother orders her to take care of him until he recovers instead of doing it himself. She shows up at his house every morning to wake him up, make him breakfast, clean up, ect. To her amazement however, he is genuinely grateful to her for her treatment, unlike her brother and grandfather who are cruel to her, he treats her better than her own family.

After he recovers from his injuries, she doesn’t stop going to his house each morning, she continues to occasionally cook/clean but since he’s able bodied again they playfully fight over who gets to cook that day. These little morning trips are her little glimmers of happiness in an otherwise dreadful life of misery, torment, and rape via human and inhuman sources. Her brother begins to catch on that she is still going to his house even though she no longer needs to, and he tells her to stop, she refuses, and he beats and rapes her even more frequently.

But she never stops, enduring whatever punishment her brother has in store for her she keeps going to him, because he’s her sole source of happiness. Until one day, that privileged sister of hers who at school never even acknowledges her as her sister begins to steal him from her. Her sister who never tried to save her, never even wanting to be her sister, is now encroaching on her only saving grace in this world.


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