Attention: To All You Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fans,

Ayama Goriki as Shiori

Ayama Goriki as Shiori

There will be a live action movie based on Yana Toboso’s Black Butler manga. Unlike in the manga where the original story line takes place in the 19th century England, the movie is rumored to be set in the year 2020. Talk about adding a futuristic feel to spice up things!!! Look forward to seeing Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian and Ayama Goriki as Sebastian’s new master, Shiori. Expect to see this movie air in Japan on January 18, 2014. Of course your lovely ladies of anime, here at OtakuHakkyou, will keep you posted on when an English dub or subtitle hits the air waves.

Trailers can be viewed by watching these links:

Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian


Anticipate and Enjoy ^_^


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Welcome to Otakuhakkyou!

It’s Reonnichi here sending you greetings, my fellow otakus! I am really excited to be apart of this blog with Tonisenpai! We plan to make this blog an Anime Haven where those who love all things anime related can get together and share in the Awesome-ness that is Anime!! So please, enjoy all the information we will be posting on here. We can’t wait to explore a very amazing aspect of the Japanese culture with everyone *wink* !!


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*Welcome to World of OtakuHakkyou*

*Welcome to World of OtakuHakkyou*


Hello Lovelies!!!

I was thinking about Loveless when I wrote the title of this post. Lol!! This is the first post we’re making on our blog, I hope you guys can follow us and the crazy ideas we decide to impart for ya’ll to comment on. I hope we have a wonderful time together discussing our Japan-fixation. ^_^