Violet Evergarden: Metamorphosis of a Soldier

I wanted to introduce another masterpiece by Kyoto Animation! It matches all of their magical, intricate, emotion-filled plots KyoAni is known for! It is more dramatic and angsty than the normally upbeat titles they have, but no less amazing in conception, illustration, animation and overall execution! As the studio I most admire, they have not disappointed!

Sorry I missed Valentine’s Day, but since it’s still in-between Valentine’s and White Day, I believe it’s the perfect time to post a somewhat unorthodox love story.

A young woman, meant to only be used as a tool, is slowly taught to live her own life as someone worth more than her use on the battlefield and finding her place at a postal office.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.47.58

Set in Germany seemingly after World War II, the story begins with the tragic death of a budding love, the meaning of which she could not understand.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.41.23

Not even knowing what love meant, raised by the military as a disposable weapon of war, conditioned by a life rooted in attrition and bathed in the blood of her enemies, at the end of the war she finds herself lost and clinging to the belief that her superior officer is alive. She now must wade through the fog of a society she cannot connect with and learn to live with normal people, a soldier without true orders, with emotions seemingly nonexistent and seeking to know what state of mind encompasses a person when they say “I love you”.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.03.50

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.04.06

Becoming a ghostwriter for people of Leiden who can’t write, her new purpose is to find the meaning of “love” through her new job as a “doll” by understanding the myriad facets of how words are translated into emotion by writing letters of the heart for those who are illiterate in the town.

An old wealthy lady became Violet’s guarantor despite not being well received by the girl and decided to continue to fund the girl’s way of life in place of her late son that she lost in the war.

She is now Violet Evergarden, somewhat nonconsensually becoming adopted into the old lady’s family. Not knowing how to function, feeling she has no place now that the war is over and attached only to the brooch her beloved Colonel gave her, she tries to live the new life granted to her as a lady in normal society.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.34.01

The last orders Colonel Gilbert gave her were:

“Run away and live free…

I love you.”



Okay guys! I’ve been posting a lot lately, lol. I wanted to share another anime with you, and this one is fairly new, as in created within the last year or so. If you want to be technical, that makes it somewhat old when you think of recent anime shelf life huh? But I digress.


We’re gonna focus on Kuromukuro, a production of P.A. Works. This plot is somewhat ambitious, mixing futuristic mecha technology and samurai/bushido culture connected by some strange form of cryostasis and and cloning used for time travel. It’s actually streaming on Netflix in Dub! Let’s delve into a brief rundown of these two seasons of awesomeness!


A United Nations research facility by the name of Kurobe Laboratory located in the Japanese mountains found an ancient artifact that they have yet to unlock. Many mysteries surround it, more so when they find out the mecha can only be opened by the Chief Researcher’s daughter, Shirahane Yukina (Japanese name order).


And what of the recently re-awakened samurai who was trapped inside in cryogenic stasis for 400 years?! Why does he think Yukina is his long, lost princess?!



Forced to become a working member of the facility, Yukina and the samurai, Kennosuke must put aside their initial differences and work together to fight the onslaught of an upcoming alien invasion!

Let the battles begin!


Personal Takeaways

I love Yukina’s dad. He was so goofy, it was adorable. And he was a nice lookin’ old man to boot! You don’t actually get to see him in action until like episode 23 or 24 though.

Yukina's Dad.jpg

The artwork of this anime is amazing! I really love the thought they put into it based on art, plot and general cohesiveness of all its components. It was really well made and highly entertaining! If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest giving it a look see!

They even have an official website!

Kuromukuro Official Website

Check it out when you get the chance! Until my next post…mata ne!

Ao No Exorcist Gets Second Season!

OMG!! I am so excited about the new Ao no Exorcist season! I am a total Blue Exorcist fan girl and this is like the best thing EVER!
Screenshot 2017-01-16 21.57.15.png
For those of you who don’t know, Ao no Exorcist is a story revolving around a set of twins. Both are the spawn of Satan, but only one inherited powers from good ol’ dad. And get this, the brothers are adopted by a man of the cloth of all people! Being raised in the beginning of their life by old man Fujimoto, Okumura Rin, the demon twin, and Okumura Yukio, the human twin, began training as exorcists.
Screenshot 2017-01-16 22.27.57.png
Yukio retains an IQ level bordering on the insane, whereas his poor older twin is left sorely lacking in that regard. Seems like the younger brother stole all of Rin’s intelligence huh?
All throughout the anime, Rin struggles to pass his exorcist classes. Rin grows to be jealous of his brother Yukio who was light years ahead of him academically, already having reached the rank of Middle First Class and well on his way to becoming a Paladin. The younger twin also just so happens to be Rin’s Anti-Demon Pharmacology professor in Cram School! Despite all of the monumental setbacks, Rin strives to become the best exorcist he can be while wrestling with his out-of-control demonic powers.
Now that’s out of the way, my thoughts on the first two episodes of season two are as follows…
The animation is just as superb as the last season. I see no marked change, which is a really good sign. Not like some other anime titles where the new seasons took on a different style that happened to be worse than the original. The backgrounds are also pretty awesome!
I think it’s cute that Bon’s family has that distinct Kansai accent. And Bon looks so much better to me without that Mohawk, don’t you agree?
Shura also gets a lot more screen time this round too! She wasn’t seen as much in the first season, so that is totally awesome!
It starts out with action almost right off the bat. I had initially thought Rin was going to have become a tad more mature, but sadly, that isn’t really the case. Everyone seems to have a problem with our cute half blood, including his little brother. I hope eventually they get over their personal problems, especially since Rin never really hurt anyone. The second episode starts showing a bit more intrigue in the plot, I can’t wait to see how it goes! I can’t wait for episode two! Until next time guys!
Screenshot 2017-01-16 22.28.04.png

Bungou Stray Dogs

Hello guys! It’s Tonisenpai again with another super late update! (Ducks rocks thrown by angry fans)…OTL And as for the featured image, I know there’s a watermark on it, but it was one of the best images that gave the whole lineup of characters, names included, to give you a good view of most of the cast. Now, without further ado…
Bungou Stray Dogs has just about ended another wonderful season! I would be remiss if I would not discuss this wonderful anime with you guys, so here goes…
The manga’s anime adaptation was created by our beloved anime company Bones, the creators of the famed anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Season one starts off with the main character, Nakajima Atsushi, who was an orphan unfortunate enough to be kicked out of the orphanage and onto the streets. Dressed in rags, penniless, and contemplating theft, poor Atsushi-kun wanders along the shores of starvation…or is it the local river?
In the water, he notices someone casually drowning (how does that work?). At risk to himself and against his better judgment, the orphan boy saves the man, only to find out he a crazed detective with an unhealthy obsession with committing suicide named Dazai Osamu.
Dazai, ever the strange individual, invites the kid to a free meal to be paid (unwillingly) by his partner Kunikida, also from the same agency. During their outing, Dazai informs Atsushi of a dangerous tiger that is wandering the streets, wreaking havoc on the surrounding population and that they are in hot pursuit of the creature.
This revelation leads to a series of plot twists that reveals the culprit and brings about Atsushi’s eventual induction into the paranormal detective agency.
I really love this anime a lot. Dazai is one of my favorite characters. There are times when he gets serious and his past is shrouded in mystery, but he mostly serves as comic relief for the majority of his screen time. His relationship with Atsushi is the cutest thing, as he is forever protecting his kouhai. Eventually finding out about a price on his head and dodging kidnapping attempts from the Port Mafia, Atsushi needs all the protection he can get!
Atsushi’s personality fits right in with the weirdos at the agency, what with his penchant for degrading himself and finding everything about himself worthless. But despite their strangeness, they are a close-knit group and act like a family.
The fights are epic, the artwork is beautiful, the music is awesome and the plot twists will throw you for a loop (they sure did for me)! I guarantee you’ll love it if you haven’t seen it already. I can’t wait for it to be translated over and buy the DVD set! I recommend both seasons for your viewing pleasure! Until next time!

Fall Anime 2015: One Punch Man

Hi guys! I haven’t been back for a while, sorry! This is the first blog of the year. I am a terrible blogger when it comes to finding time. This Fall we have a serious line-up of new anime! And a lot of them look good!!
Today I’m going to talk about one that I recently got into…One Punch Man!
I was first introduced to this anime through a Facebook post my friend put up about the fight between the main character and a ninja and I was sold!
This anime is pure gold! It is hilarious and has a pretty decent story line despite the many comic moments in it.
So, the story is about this guy named Saitama who couldn’t find work anywhere. He applied and got rejected so many times, he did not feel life worth living and walked the streets as if in a trance.
On the way home, a crab monster appeared in front of him after having killed many people. It was going to kill him off, but it didn’t because he said Saitama had the same dead look to his eyes that he did. While he spared our main character, he was on his way to find and kill this kid with a butt-shaped chin that had drawn on him while he was asleep.
Saitama comes across the kid and decides he’s going to save him.
After defeating the monster, Saitama decides he will give up on trying to get a job and will become a hero for fun.
Screenshot 2015-12-06 21.37.58
As he fights new monsters, he continually defeats them with only one punch. Thus the name of the show.
I love this anime. At first I thought it was going to be less than impressive, and it certainly does have many gag anime elements, but the action in the anime was surprising. I was really not expecting One Punch Man to be as epic as they have made it.
These are a few pictures showing some moments of hilarity for me in the anime:
Screenshot 2015-12-07 17.04.54 Screenshot 2015-12-07 20.21.27 Screenshot 2015-12-06 22.09.47
**side note, though it would have been extremely funny, the first and second photos are from unrelated scenes…
One of my favorite fights was the one Saitama had with the ninja in episode three. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it, that episode is HILARIOUS!
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new fall anime to watch (if you haven’t already started this one)!
Till next time, Otaku no minna, mata ne!

A New Futuristic Anime: Aldnoah Zero


Okay, so I felt I needed to finally talk about this anime. Sorry for being gone for 10,000 years, but I have gotten really busy lately. But enough about me. It’s time to talk about the new season of a show that I have gotten completely hooked on, and that is Aldnoah Zero.

For all you otaku out there who aren’t really into mecha anime, this is another one, but I still urge you to give this a try. It has mechas in it, but in my opinion, the plot does not make them the focal point. There is fighting and characters do die, but trust me, it is well worth the watch. For everyone who loves politics, there is a whole lot of that in here too!

On to the plot…

It is set in the future and humans have colonized Mars. However, the Martians have been there for a long time, so at the start of the story, we are dealing with 3rd or 4th generation Martians (maybe even a longer period than that) because they have established their own legends and working political structure. They have found a power called Aldnoah, which only those of the royal line could have full control over and for normal people to be able to use this power, someone in the royal family must bestow this power upon them. Likewise, a person of royal lineage could also take this power away from them. The Martians and people of Earth (in here called “Terrans” like Trinity Blood), have developed a sort of hatred toward each other and so tensions are always high when they have to have dealings between the planets. But there are some, like the Princess of Mars that want to create a lasting peace between them and start a line of tourism, and beneficial travel agreements between the planets.

Now that the stage is set, the story (after explaining all that) basically starts with these high school kids (like many anime) who are supposed to work crowd control for the coming arrival of the Princess of Mars as an ambassador for peace. However, things go awry when a faction of rebels attack the Princess’ convoy and kills her in the middle of the street using nuclear weaponry. Earth is blamed for the attack as a whole and the Knights of Mars collectively come down to Earth to destroy all opposition and retake the land for themselves.

The main character (and my favorite character) Kaizuka Inaho, is basically a quiet kid, but his battle strategies are unequaled in effectiveness. He is the reason Earth begins winning battles against the highly advanced technology in the Martians’ possession.

Inaho_Kaizuka tumblr_n9oewcBy4p1tibhtlo2_r1_1280

This is also the first time I have seen an anime featuring my hometown, New Orleans, in it even for the short period of time it was in there. ^_^

Aldnoah Zero New Orleans aerial view

I can’t say anymore without completely spoiling it for you guys, so I’ll stop here. But trust me when I say things get real later on. I highly recommend this anime and if you haven’t started watching it, there is already a second season, so it’s time to catch up! ^_^


Sakura Matou: Fate/Stay Night

**This blog was submitted to OtakuHakkyou via the Facebook Anime Club – Otaku Madness. One of the members was kind enough to contribute and I hope you all enjoy the article! ^_^


Sakura Matou (born Sakura Tohsaka) from the Fate series is in my opinion, the character in all of anime with the most tragic back-story.


She was born as the second child into the Tohsaka family of Mages and Magecraft can only be passed to one heir in a given family. Since she wasn’t needed in her own family her father at the age of 8 gave her to the Matou family because their blood has become too impure of Mage blood. Unknown to him nor the rest of the Tohsaka family her adoptive grandfather Zouken Matou had kept her in a pit of his Crest Worms which violated her from head to toe, inside and out (and everywhere in between…) several hours every day, even using her body as a breeding pit all in the efforts to strengthen her magical powers.

As her “education” continued her body was experimented on, her meals poisoned, and was attempted to be killed numerous times. During all of this, her privileged older sister never tried to visit her, nor even acknowledges her existence. As she grew up, her adoptive older brother, who has no magical powers and despises her for being the “heir to the family” begins abusing her mentally, physically, and sexually.


He beats, rapes, and tortures her repeatedly over several years until her brother and one of his former friends gets into a fight, injuring him. After getting in trouble for injuring the boy her brother orders her to take care of him until he recovers instead of doing it himself. She shows up at his house every morning to wake him up, make him breakfast, clean up, ect. To her amazement however, he is genuinely grateful to her for her treatment, unlike her brother and grandfather who are cruel to her, he treats her better than her own family.

After he recovers from his injuries, she doesn’t stop going to his house each morning, she continues to occasionally cook/clean but since he’s able bodied again they playfully fight over who gets to cook that day. These little morning trips are her little glimmers of happiness in an otherwise dreadful life of misery, torment, and rape via human and inhuman sources. Her brother begins to catch on that she is still going to his house even though she no longer needs to, and he tells her to stop, she refuses, and he beats and rapes her even more frequently.

But she never stops, enduring whatever punishment her brother has in store for her she keeps going to him, because he’s her sole source of happiness. Until one day, that privileged sister of hers who at school never even acknowledges her as her sister begins to steal him from her. Her sister who never tried to save her, never even wanting to be her sister, is now encroaching on her only saving grace in this world.


Thank you for reading this blog post! If you liked it, tell us about it! Leave a comment! ^_^


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