K (Anime)

Written by GoRa and illustrated by Yui Kuroe, K Project is probably the first seinen based anime I have ever liked! I’m not a huge fan of seinen or mecha type of anime although I have watched a few titles. However, what drew me to K Project is the fact that I read and enjoyed both the prequel mangas entitled, K: Memory of Red and K: Stray Dog Story.

I thoroughly enjoy the story line in K Project because it literally starts where the prequel mangas end therefore you won’t have to deal with fillers waiting on the anime to catch up to the manga or vice versa. This anime is filled with stunning action scenes and vibrant colors. We all know I’m a sucker for any anime or manga filled with bishies and K Project has this and much more, Bishies with Kick Ass abilities called Strains.


K: Stray Dog Story


K: Memory of Red


K Project

K Project follows the lead character Yashiro Isana who starts out as your normal average high schooler. The table begins to turn when Yashiro is suspected of murdering Tatara Totsuka, who was HOMRA’s 3rd in command. All members of the Red Clan of Homar set out to revenge their fallen comrade by wanting to kill Yashiro. K project follows all the twists and turns Yashiro must go through to not only prove his innocence but also find a cold blooded killer who has proven to be quite powerful and deathly. The anime combines characters from K: Stray Dog Story and K: Memory of Red. If you haven’t read the mangas, they aren’t a perquisite to enjoy this anime. However, I always usually read the manga of any anime first so that I can compare similarities.


Another plus about this anime is that Johnny Yong Bosch is the English v.o.a for Saruhiko Fushimi, 3rd in Command of Scepter4, the rival gang to Homra.


Johnny Yong Bosch as Saruhiko Fushimi

Go and check out this anime when you get a chance!!!





Pacific Rim


Over the weekend, I saw Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D and it was AWESOME! Oh My Gosh…there are no words to describe how epic it was. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you run to do so before they take it out of theaters. Because then you’ll be waiting for the DVD release.

The movie was so close to an Evangelion live action, I was expecting Shinji to pop up piloting a robot!


The earth has to fight alien invaders from another dimension, the portal located deep in the ocean in a crack beneath tectonic plates. They defeat them with robots called Jaegers. The main character,  Raleigh Becket, is a pilot who goes through a phase of fame and then severe trauma after losing someone important. He then later creates a new bond with a Japanese woman named Mako. They learn to operate their unit together as a team while the world hangs on their shoulders.

What surprised me were the similarities of the operation of the robot between the movie and Evangelion. Though in Evangelion, generally one pilot takes care of one fighter unit and this movie requires two, the operation in both the anime and film require the brain and neurological passageways of the pilot to connect to the inner workings of the machine.

Should any part of the machine be destroyed during combat, the operator in charge of that part of it, be it one pilot or two, feels as if that part of their actual bodies were injured or lost due to connected nerves.

The amount of Japanese in the movie was amazing. I loved it and felt like a true otaku the whole time I watched it.

I was also extremely impressed with the soundtrack. It was great!

All in all, I strongly recommend anyone, who hasn’t seen it to drop what you’re doing and make an appointment with the nearest movie house!


Ok its me JACKALDONO starting this off with a statement “I LOVE BOOBS” that being said this article is not about my love for ecchi but more about its place in anime culture and if it even has one so now that we have shed any preconceived notions of me being a dignified otaku purist who despises fan-service lets jam.



Now obviously fanservice serves the function of serving fans but that is not what i mean by “another purpose” I present this little nugget of thought to you all “fanservice is a source of character rearing and development” Now now before the nerd rage hits hear me out in an anime of a traditional sense nine times out of ten the females therein are attractive and usually their looks/personality are a source of motivation and drive for our main character(s).



Don’t get your feathers ruffled and be patient I am going to remain on topic this is just an example. The harem anime “Tenchi Muyo!” is a perfect example of what i would like to call “character constructive fanservice” the titular character Tenchi is constantly motivated by the mere presence of his female companions the appearance of Ryoko at the start of the series catapulted the character into his later role as the series’ hero by its finale. Now if your argument to this is “Well that was a harem anime” then my answer is “PATIENCE DAMMIT” hold on.




To further illustrate my point I bring before you Studio Gainax and two women in particular Yoko from *epic voice* “TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGAAN” and HaruHaru Haruko from “FLCL” these two women are steeped in fanservice but for both the point is also true that their um “character design” serves a purpose to kick the main characters in the buns and get them motivated unfortunately for yoko the person she inspired is dead but you see my point…no? ok here goes.

Yoko is the main if not only reason for Kamina ans Simon leaving the underground had she not busted through the ceiling ass cheeks and boobs at the ready a lot of kamina’s true inspiration would’ve been lost even more so her ability to fight cemented in Kamina’s head that surviving the surface is a doable feat.
Haruko is pure motivation fuel for Naota to strive to be more adult her EXTREMELY OPEN AND SEXUAL nature constantly taunts Naota and forces him to want to grow up before pushing him into the realization that there is no rush to do so.




KamiSama Kiss – Anime


KamiSama Kiss

Adapted from the manga, titled Kamisama Hajimemashita created by Julietta Suzuki, KamiSama Kiss is an amazing anime with a shojo concept. I love a good shojo centered manga with a cute story line and cute bishie lead characters. I first came across Kamisama Hajimemashita on MangaFox last year and have been following the mange series faithfully. Imagine my happiness when I discovered this series had been adapted to an anime. This series has a very interesting heroine named, Nanami, who becomes the Earth God of Mikage Shrine after being kissed and deserted by the previous Earth God, named Mikage. At Mikage Shrine, Nanami meets Tomoe, who is a fox demon and Mikage’s familiar. As the story progresses, you get to watch as Nanami begins to understand what it takes to fully accept the responsibilities of being an Earth God.


Nanami and Tomoe

What I Love about this anime is the fact that Nanami eventually falls in love with Tomoe but he flat out rejects her affections because he believes that love cannot exist between a yokai and human.


Bishies of KamiSama!!!

This anime has all the elements of a shojo story line. I have greatly enjoyed the manga and find it pretty awesome that there is an anime adaptation. Each character will make your eyes water with laughter and your heart burst with the bubbly feeling of love. At the end of the day, this anime paints a pretty clear picture of the true meaning of love and how it can be achieved despite being complete opposites. KH4

Please Go and Watch KamiSama Kiss!!!



The Nature of Villains in Anime.

Who here doesn’t like a good villain in any good story they are the element that anchor the plot and all of the characters therein. Tonight for the pleasures of my fellow evil doers and for my official introductions I JackalDono will be your tour guide on a brief excursion into my feelings on three of my favorite villains so buckle up and let’s go!


What else can be said about this man “the twisted author” “the one true shinigami” Light Yagami was a terror in his own right and while he was a great villain im going to say something about this man, Light made me hate deathnote now that being said he is still one of my favorite villains.


His desire to be a “god” was his folly I felt the show undermined his intelligence what im saying is that Light Yagami should have foreseen his demise the man was a genius and I find it unbelievable that even with his shattered mind he could not foresee a loss and then he accepted that loss in such a horrendously poor fashion.


Crying like a maniac and begging for his life was unfitting for someone shown to be as ruthless as he was him dying had to happen but it could have and should have been handled better.



What Light lacked in composure Lelouch made up for in spades this man is hands down is a villain after my own heart. The man with the plan Lelouch was ahead of the world’s game from episode one and I enjoyed every second of this series. Lelouch does give me hope for villains but admittedly his performance and presence was apart of my falling out with Light.


The form of Zero was amazing it sold two things that I love in a villain ELEGANCE AND POWER which both lelouch and his alter-ego Zero had in droves there isn’t much left for me to say on him but LELOUCH VI BRITANNIA FTW!!!!



And here we are the end of the list with my favorite anime villain of all time JOHAN LIEBERT this man takes the crazy from Light and the Grace/Composure of Lelouch and turns it into some kind of evil martini. This man here is strictly nightmare fuel he oozes an aura of sheer creepiness and commands followers and respect wherever he goes.


He is the titular Monster of the anime by the same name and through a twisted maze of mindrape and mystery he lures all of the main cast to their final places expertly and seals their fates in a manner that even not all of them are entirely aware of even at the series end.

Well everyone that was my intro to all of you any and all feedback is helpful and I will post another soon.



Bakuman Revisited

SPOILER ALERT!!! Well, not really but kinda…if you don’t want to know about the ending  at all until you read it, then I suggest you not readthis blog article. If you have read it or don’t care either way, then by all means, read on!!!!


The ending was so cute I almost cried! It was an ending I was satisfied with. I am sad to see Bakuman go, but I can always re-read it from the beginning.

Getting the role of Naho Minadori was difficult for Azuki. Image

It was awesome how her mom made a victory dinner with katsu (カツ) the Japanese word for “pork cutlet” to symbolize katsu (勝つ) the characters for “win”.

Despite how well she did, the landslide win was predictable. Though I did think the internet vote and live audition were really great ideas used to quell the rage of the masses brewing from Mashiro and Azuki’s relationship.

I loved the decision to end the manga before the anime started. It wrapped up any loose ends that could have screwed up the ending for the entire Bakuman series.

I wonder if this was the same reasoning Obata-sensei and Ohba-sensei had when they decided to end Bakuman. Did they decide the story had gone on too long and wanted to create an ending befitting the plot? Was ending it Jump’s decision? Was the decision fought over, or had the manga lost votes with the Japanese population in the surveys? So many questions come to mind.

I was impressed with how mature Mashiro has gotten by the last volume. He isn’t so hung up on getting first place of everything or obsessed with rankings. Instead, he’s looking toward the future, toward the next masterpiece they intend to create. But Mashiro still needed help proposing to Azuki. I had a girly moment when they re-enacted their first conversation! The only thing I was disappointed with here was that they didn’t invite me to the wedding! lol

It was great how the fans reacted to Reversi’s ending. Everyone speculated on why it happened that way. Intellectual discussions were born from these speculations, thus creating deeper bonds between otaku and making manga a more reputable genre of literature. In my opinion, this as it should be. We should share our intellectual ideas with one another and build bridges across the world through manga!

…and Ashirogi finally surpassed Nizuma.

…and the rivalry continues.



Happy Yaoi Day!!

In the words of one of my bestest buds, Happy Yaoi Day ya’ll! I had to come with a yaoi article for this momentous occasion. So, today’s article is going to be on SasuNaruImage….any fans out there?? Yes?? No?? Well, if you dislike this topic, I apologize, but for those of you who love it, READ ON! 

Within the past couple of months, I have binged on fan fiction about this pair. But I have to say, I am very picky when I choose which fanfics to read. I absolutely REFUSE to read any fanfiction with Sasuke as the uke in the relationship. Fans even had the nerve to create a nickname for that Sasuke: “Sas-Uke“, like seriously?? Not that I’m hating on those people, or trying to put them down in any way. You like what you like…I’m just saying it’s not for me. 

Now that I have disclaimed any hater-ation, I can rant on Sas-Uke. This version of Sasuke is whiny and totally insecure. He vacillates between different choices he wants to make and blushes entirely too much! Not very Sasuke-like behavior! I have found that from the show, Sasuke only really blushed around Itachi and it wasn’t for very long. Around everyone else he was cold, aloof and his attitude needed too much work. This is the stereotypical seme to me. Also, he was the one to leave the village…and who was it that followed him like a puppy on crack? Naruto. Naruto put bringing Sasuke back to the village before his desire to become Hokage, that takes real dedication and not something a person with Sasuke’s behavior could handle. This dogged pursuit for acceptance is what makes Naruto the perfect uke. Image 

I also favor the stories where the uke is the one being pursued in a romantic sense, like everything between the uke and his friend is completely platonic until the friend decides he wants more and jumps on him. So, I have enjoyed a great many SasuNaru fanfics in which Naruto has a girlfriend and is either dumped or played by her and Sasuke saunters in and claims Naruto for his own. There is some scuffling and protests on Naruto’s part, the denial that he isn’t falling for another man, and then acceptance rolls in when he realizes he can’t fight Sasuke’s persistence and determination to get his goods. Image 

So….for those of you who share my seme Sasuke passion, here are some links to some really good fanfics:


tagline: After a plane crash, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki are stuck on an island and are forced to fend for themselves. Between fighting off jaguars, beating each other with sticks, and imitating Bear Grylls , they soon begin to discover new feelings for each other. This is SasuNaru and is set in a non-ninja universe. It will also be NC-17…eventually 🙂 YAOI WARNING


tagline: In a world where demons are at war newly appointed General of the Uchiha family, Sasuke Uchiha, travels to enemy territory. Planning to ambush the Hyuga area. But what Sasuke didn’t plan to do, was find an abandoned fox in dire need of loving. Now it’s Sasuke’s job to protect Naruto from harm, and from his brother. Sakura Bashing .Yaoi . M/M . Slash . Sasunaru. KakaIru. Mpreg .

For all of you who don’t know, mpreg means male pregnancy will occur in the fanfiction. I do not suggest anyone under the age of 17 to read these fanfics. ^_^ Hope you enjoy!Image