Unfinished Story Arcs…

Leave us all wanting more and wondering if the author forgot about the fans!!!

ImageAi Yazama-Sensei,

Creator of the popular manga N.A.N.A. that later spawned a live action movie featuring Mika Nakashima has had fans wondering if Yazama-Sensei is going to finish working on the popular series. Yazama-Sensei was sick and decided to take a much needed hiatus from working so that she could get some rest and recover. However in 2010, Yazama-Sensei has returned from the hospital and yet still hasn’t decided if and when she’ll continue her work.

After three years of waiting, I know I have a lot of unanswered questions revolving around N.A.N.A.’s two main characters, Nana Oskai and Nana Komatsu. I don’t intend to be a spoiler and tell things about the manga but I am desperate need to know how the story ends. Does Nana O. ever come back? Does Nana K. eventually find that love and happiness she always wanted?

After literally sharing my teenage years reading about these characters, I feel a lost of something great by not being able to close the chapters of this manga. I hope Yazama-Sensei decides to finish the series for all her fans out there soon!!!!!