Sherlock Meets Manga!

So, whilst enjoying my time in a local Barnes & Noble in Fort Myers, Florida, I ran across something interesting.

Lo and behold, I found out that my favorite BBC show, “Sherlock”, has a graphic novel adaptation created by the cooperative efforts of Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and the very talented Jay! Who knew?!


Oh my gosh, this is epic! It’s a manga adaptation from the episode “A Study in Pink”, and might I say the artwork is phenomenal! Cumberbatch never looked so good in Black and White!

It’s Sherlock and Watson’s first mission together, and you’re in for a wild ride if you haven’t seen the show (or even if you have, lol)!

The manga pretty much follows the show, so if you’ve seen it, you aren’t really missing anything…only the awesome artwork done by the adapters! But I still suggest you check it out, if only for the flashbacks. This show in particular is always great, even the second or third time around!

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And if you haven’t seen the show…well, then I definitely think you should give this one a read!

Just to put the icing on the cake, there’s a whole line of adapted “Sherlock” episodes into manga, this isn’t the only one. So, submerse yourself in mystery…

It’s elementary my dear Watson!

For those of you also interested in the show, here is a trailer for the first episode!


Bloody Mary

I just wanna say, this particular manga is the closest thing to a Boy’s Love manga I have ever read that was made by Shojo Beat (SB)  magazine entrants. I won’t say I’m an expert on all things SB, but I have read my fair share and I must say…this plot is cuttin’ it pretty close. I mean, just look at the manga’s cover art! Come on!




Maria is your run-of-the-mill high school student…or is he? Enrolled at a parochial school, Maria, descendant of a very powerful exorcist, must fight vampires who are after his blood every time he leaves campus! He carries a cross that turns into a holy weapon detrimental to creatures of the night. But as luck would have it, one night the vampires get hip to his bluff. Maria doesn’t even know how to use it!


Meanwhile, Mary a.k.a. “Bloody Mary” is a vampire who seeks his own demise religiously and quite literally has a death wish. He hates his lust for blood.


But Mary is special, in that he’s not like other vampires. He is not susceptible to many of the perils that afflict vampires. He can walk in sunlight, his reflection shows in mirrors, etc. Mary is almost normal…or can at least pass for normal.

For centuries, Mary has searched for Maria’s descendant in order to die, only to find him and realize he has no powers of exorcism!


Thus a pact was formed. Due to Maria’s strong desire to live, he enlists Mary’s help in return for eventually granting the vampire’s deepest wish. Mary is to become Maria’s bodyguard and use him as a source of sustenance until Maria learns how to use his ancestral powers and fulfill his promise of death to the tired vamp.


It’s a great read and Maria’s sadistic streak makes for some hilarious situations! You should totally give this manga a try!

Til’ next time. Toodles!

The Demon Prince of Momochi House

Perusing my manga collection in search of my muse, I came across a title that I thought to blog about. It’s a cute little manga called “The Demon Prince of Momochi House”!
The story and art was done by the awesome Aya Shouoto-san. I just want to say, I really love her art style, in a shoujo manga love sort of way, lol.
As most shojo beat manga, the story centers around a young girl who eventually gets mixed up with a group of bishies!
Our protagonist, Himari Momochi, ends up inheriting a house on her 16th birthday. However, rumor has it, the house is haunted! Coming from an orphanage, she believes this house will be a new and bright beginning for her, but upon arrival, she sees the place trashed and occupied by handsome squatters!
Violently showing her ownership of the mansion, she becomes their new landlady, much to their chagrin. What she doesn’t know is, the house is on a barrier between the natural and supernatural world. Though she is meant to be the guardian, the leader of the squatters by the name of Aoi Nanamori, has assumed her role.
The three beautiful men all try to discourage her presence there (for good reason as you later find out), going so far as to try to scare her away from the mansion! But Himari is one strong and determined chick! In pure shojo fashion, Himari will whip them into shape. These men will find it hard to make Himari give up the only link to her family!
It’s a great read and I totally recommend you pick up your copy at the nearest chain bookstore!

Mechacon X 2014

So, I was able to volunteer again this year at the 10th Annual Mechacon in New Orleans! It was fun.

**Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry, especially the ones I am in, since I did not take them. Maybe my camera was too hard for them to use…I don’t know. ^_^

This year the guests included. The cast of the new Teen Titans:
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Ben 10 Alien Force: Kevin Levin; Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go: Chiro; Ultimate Superman: Danny Rand/Iron Fist; Astro boy: Atlas; TMNT: Michelangelo


Scott Menville as Robin
TMNT: Crank Shaw and Dr. Blip; Shaggy and Scooby Doo: Shaggy; Jonny Quest: Jonny; Tales of Symphonia: Lloyd; Call of Duty: Black Ops: Marlton


Khary Payton as Cyborg
**guest starred in: Criminal Minds, Fairly Legal and Body of Proof


Tara Strong as Raven
Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles; Chowder: Truffles; Ben 10: Ben; Little Mermaid II: Melody;
**also did voices in: Princess Mononoke, Transformers: Animated and Batman: The Animated Series


Hynden Walch as Starfire, Blackfire, Argent, Madame Rouge
W.I.N.X. Club: Lockett and Amore; Justice League: Ace; Lucky Star: Yutaka; The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Emiri Kimidori; Gurren Lagann: Nia


Guests of Honor
-Tiffany Grant                                                       -Spike Spencer


Industry Guests
Jonathan Klein, Andrea Romano, Greg Weismann, and Steve Yun


Musical Guests
Eien Strife, Suzaku 7, and Brown Coat Brass



Attack on Titan Q&A
-So at this con, I cosplayed Petra on Sunday, and this group was having this panel. They met me while I was volunteering and asked me to be their Petra after my shift was over. I thought that was totally cool!! ^_^ Basically, the panel was all the cosplayers of AOT taking on the personality of their counterparts and answering questions/taking dares from those in the panel crowd while in character.


Gargoyles 20th Anniversary
-This was a panel done by Greg Weismann, one of the industry guests. He is a writer/director/producer. He and a team of individuals created the show Gargoyles for Disney, and this panel was of him speaking of the process that went into making the show what it is that we see now. He also explained certain aspects of the industry and the long and arduous process that involves getting your show accepted by a company.




Video Rooms

Some of the shows featured in the video rooms were:
Lupin the Third
Accel World
Evangelion 2.22
Ranma ½
Attack on Titan
Persona 4: The Animation
SNAFU (My Teen Romantic Comedy)
Sailor Moon (2014 Dub)
Occult Academy
Sengoku Collection



And here I am including some cool cosplay pics from this year!! I am included in these pictures. ^_^


These were pictures of my friends and I gearing up to do our Alice in Wonderland group cosplay. My friend was Alice and I was the White Rabbit…though I don’t have on that much white, lol.I was the sexy bunny. I made the hat and the ears, and I self-hemmed the dress. ^_^



**My 2 favorite characters in Durarara!!


This was me cosplaying Petra. I got my picture with Levi!!! ^_^ I made my cape, harness, boot covers and wing patches with the help of my mom. We altered the jacket because it was too long at first.


These were members of the Maid Cafe. My friend is at the top.



The last picture was the only person I saw at the con cosplaying Iwatobi Swim Club.


These were the best DRAMAtical Murder cosplays I found at the con. It was awesome!! And this was also the only Sei I saw at the con. ^_^


So I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you can, make it down here next year for Mechacon 2015 in July!! ^_^


Bakuman Ends in August!!!


So, who reads Bakuman? I have been following the manga since it came out and though I haven’t seen all of the anime, I have seen enough to realize it flows almost exactly like the manga. All 19 volumes are a part of my manga collection. I have respected the work of Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei ever since I was introduced to their work in Death Note.Image

That story was revolutionary!! But I digress. Since Bakuman came out, I held high hopes for it because of its predecessor and it didn’t let me down. I had the suspicion that they fashioned this new manga somewhat after their own lives, seeing as many of the circumstances in the story matched the story of their collaboration.

I have to admit, I wondered how they could pull off the life of a mangaka as an effective plot-line for a shonen manga, but each act was so jam-packed with testosterone, it became classic Shonen Jump materialImage

…and even added romantic elements for its female audience.Image

One of my favorite characters is Eiji Nizuma because he reminds me of a close friend of mine. ^_^ Image His eccentricity brings humor and life to the story. However, it gets real when he gets serious!

I am also a Fukuda fangirl!!! He even has his own fan blog:

The eternal rivalry between Nizuma and Ashirogi-sensei (Akito and Mashiro) is the best part of the manga for me.

Their path to manhood through fierce dedication to manga is deeply touching. However, as wonderful as this manga is, I have found cause to be concerned about the ending. August of this year marks the very last volume of our beloved Bakuman. Though I understand Mashiro’s urgency to reach this goal in order to marry Azuki, I feel it’s too soon to end it. The final volume has yet to reach stores, however, I believe the ending will end up being rushed, like there’s more to the story and not enough time to tell it based on the ending of book 19. The scandal just ended with Azuki and Mashiro and there isn’t enough space to continue the unfinished rivalry between Nizuma and Ashirogi, which leads me to believe it will be faded out into “their rivalry pushed them to become Jump legends and blah blah blah” as something very generic or worse it will be left open-ended, which I kind of hate. I am afraid to find disappointment at the end of volume 20, but I’m crossing my fingers for that not to be the case. 

This shall not deter me from actually buying the final volume or stop me from being a die-hard avid fan, but it is a cause for great worry on my part. Despite my concerns, should the ending not meet my standards, I’ll just suck it up, most likely write a fanfiction depicting my preferred ending and await their next series. Based on their previous accomplishments, any new titles under their name is almost guaranteed to be epic!!

This is another interesting website I found…fans in Germany!! Isn’t that cool?!


Attention: To All You Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fans,

Ayama Goriki as Shiori

Ayama Goriki as Shiori

There will be a live action movie based on Yana Toboso’s Black Butler manga. Unlike in the manga where the original story line takes place in the 19th century England, the movie is rumored to be set in the year 2020. Talk about adding a futuristic feel to spice up things!!! Look forward to seeing Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian and Ayama Goriki as Sebastian’s new master, Shiori. Expect to see this movie air in Japan on January 18, 2014. Of course your lovely ladies of anime, here at OtakuHakkyou, will keep you posted on when an English dub or subtitle hits the air waves.

Trailers can be viewed by watching these links:

Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian


Anticipate and Enjoy ^_^