Violet Evergarden: Metamorphosis of a Soldier

I wanted to introduce another masterpiece by Kyoto Animation! It matches all of their magical, intricate, emotion-filled plots KyoAni is known for! It is more dramatic and angsty than the normally upbeat titles they have, but no less amazing in conception, illustration, animation and overall execution! As the studio I most admire, they have not disappointed!

Sorry I missed Valentine’s Day, but since it’s still in-between Valentine’s and White Day, I believe it’s the perfect time to post a somewhat unorthodox love story.

A young woman, meant to only be used as a tool, is slowly taught to live her own life as someone worth more than her use on the battlefield and finding her place at a postal office.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.47.58

Set in Germany seemingly after World War II, the story begins with the tragic death of a budding love, the meaning of which she could not understand.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.41.23

Not even knowing what love meant, raised by the military as a disposable weapon of war, conditioned by a life rooted in attrition and bathed in the blood of her enemies, at the end of the war she finds herself lost and clinging to the belief that her superior officer is alive. She now must wade through the fog of a society she cannot connect with and learn to live with normal people, a soldier without true orders, with emotions seemingly nonexistent and seeking to know what state of mind encompasses a person when they say “I love you”.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.03.50

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.04.06

Becoming a ghostwriter for people of Leiden who can’t write, her new purpose is to find the meaning of “love” through her new job as a “doll” by understanding the myriad facets of how words are translated into emotion by writing letters of the heart for those who are illiterate in the town.

An old wealthy lady became Violet’s guarantor despite not being well received by the girl and decided to continue to fund the girl’s way of life in place of her late son that she lost in the war.

She is now Violet Evergarden, somewhat nonconsensually becoming adopted into the old lady’s family. Not knowing how to function, feeling she has no place now that the war is over and attached only to the brooch her beloved Colonel gave her, she tries to live the new life granted to her as a lady in normal society.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 15.34.01

The last orders Colonel Gilbert gave her were:

“Run away and live free…

I love you.”


Young Black Jack

This was a post that I had in my drafts for over half the year, lol. Life took over and I was not able to post it until now. This is a pretty interesting post to be coming out for the new year. Whilst searching for something new to watch before the Spring Line-up came out for last year, I stumbled across this anime called Young Black Jack. I thought it was good enough to share with you guys, so here goes…


The world was rife with inequality and corruption. It was during the time of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement in America and the Student Riots in Japan. Hazama Kurou was a medial student on his way to get his license, but he was an undiscovered genius in the medical field. He also is indebted to a debt collector for borrowed funds. When he is faced with risking his license to save a life, he quickly chooses to save them due to his struggle with his abandonment issues.


Many of these same scenarios come into play during the anime where Hazama must fight against normal protocol in the interest of saving someone’s life. This is one of the first anime I have seen that has a couple of episodes actually dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement in America.

The anime is based on a really old manga, with the Japanese animation style of the 60’s and 70’s. Remember the old cartoon Inspector Gadget? The style of this anime strongly resembles that, but only certain characters have the strange, obtuse features that shares the style of those older cartoons. The main characters take a more modern-style approach to the animation.

I really did enjoy the anime, though I had to get used to the opening song, as the music seemed slightly out of place and the artwork also took a bit to get used to.

Young Black Jack is a very dark anime. Parts of it seem upbeat with a normal amount of darkness for the plot, but the more you watch, the darker it gets.


I’m not gonna lie, there were times during the anime where I thought the main character was going to find a happy ending and things were finally going to pan out in a bright way, but more darkness ensued. I was actually surprised at the ending. I won’t spoil it for you, but just fasten your seatbelt for a wild ride!


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I want to tell everyone every single detail of this K Drama sooo bad but I don’t want to spoil this 😭

So I’ll settle for an overview and hopefully this alone will piqued your interest in this heart wrenching drama.

The beginning starts off with this poor woman who discovers that her boyfriend and best friend have been going together behind her back. *gasp* Literally in less than 10 minutes the viewer gets to see main character, Go Ha-Jin, get beat up by her best friend while the boyfriend stands there and does nothing. Then to add to all of that mess, they kick her out of her own apartment she shared with him. Just when I thought her life could not get any worse…bam!! It does. While rescuing a drowning child Ha-Jin actually drowns instead. She wakes up and finds herself transported to the year 941 of the Goryeo dynasty and in the body of a younger woman named Hae Soo. Now this is where it becomes paradise for me. She learns that she is the cousin of the 8th Prince’s wife. There are about 7 princes in this show and at least 4 of them are omg drool worthy.

The 8th prince, Prince Wang Wook, is calm and gentle. He’s wise and very heart warming. His character does a huge transformation in this drama. He is portrayed by Kang Ha-neul, whom we all may know from the hit drama The Heirs.



The 10th prince, Prince Wang Eun, is cute and adorable. I literally had a slight fangirl moment when I realized this was Baekhyun from EXO. His character will make you smile throughout the entire show. eun1


The 4th Prince…is bae alright. Prince Wang So is perfect in every way and he’s mine. He’s dark. He’s mysterious. He just steals my attention throughout the entire show. This character has it the hardest out of everyone on the show. He struggles with his own identity and fights for the love of his parents, which unlike, his other brothers he did not receive. He is portrayed by Lee Joon-gi. You might know this sexiness from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and also the Criminal Minds (K-Drama Version).


The 13th Prince, Wang Baek Ah, is on the slick sexy cute. He’s that brother that starts off aggressive but then you figure out what’s his issues are and you have no choice to let his feelings pull at your heart strings. He is an extremely gifted artist and has many scenes where he is just drawing his surroundings and people he encounters. He is portrayed by Nam Joo-Hyuk who just recently completed his work on Bride of Habaek which the K drama version of the populr manhwa Bride of the Water God. He portrays Ha-Baek the God of Water. I actually finished that drama and will have an entire blog on that one too.


As the viewer you get to watch Hae Soo, the main character, as she struggles with palace politics and finding love. This show is really worth a look. If not for the plot, watch it for the Princes. I swore up and down that the 3rd Prince was related to T.O.P because he looked exactly like him.   There are many  side characters that will make you cringe and want to strangle them. I cried watching this show. I laughed and giggled and I also fangirled sooo many times.

If you like sexy men and historical dramas this one is quite the watch. The only thing that grinded my gears about this show is that it should have had a second season. I know must dramas don’t but the Chinese version Scarlet Heart did and it completed the story line. What do I mean by that?? Well, you’ll just have to watch this drama and see ^_^



Check Out This Drama Fever Link:


Owari no Seraph


Today we shall discuss an anime that has one of my favorite OTP of all time, Owari no Seraph. At the time this came out, I had been waiting for a good vampire plot line to pop up and this anime does not disappoint. I’m kinda late on this, as there is a second season, but I still wanted to cover it. So let’s jump right into it.
The story starts off with an child named Yuuichirou, taken in by an orphanage because his parents tried to kill him. Yuu-chan tries to be closed off but he’s secretly a softie (tsundere). He meets the other kids in the orphanage, especially another kid by the name of Mikaela.

Mikaela is clingy and outgoing, forcing Yuuichirou to accept him and the other orphans as family.

This doesn’t work out so well until later.

Shortly after, all hell breaks loose and people start dying all around them, choking on air and their own blood. Absolute mayhem occurs, but the only ones affected seem to be all humans over age 13.

Vampires then come out to collect all the children and put them in livestock camps all over Japan (but it is implied that this is a global crisis).


The children from the orphanage enact a plan to escape, resulting in many of their deaths and only one child actually escaping. Hyakuya Yuuichirou is found by a group of humans surviving on the outside as part of the Moon Demon Company in the Japanese Imperial Army. Colonel Ichinose Guren then takes Yuuichirou on as an apprentice, forcing him to go to school and make friends, ultimately learning how to work as part of a team.

owari-no-seraph-0101.jpgScreenshot (39).png

Mika barely survives the attack and is “saved” by the vampire queen, who proceeds to turn him into one of the enemy against his will. He then finds out about the experiments his orphanage has been conducting on him and his fellow orphans even before the world went to hell.

Thus he has a new goal, to save Yuuichirou from the humans and their manipulation of him.


That’s as far as I will go for the plot…

The artwork is masterfully done in both the manga and anime in my opinion, and the casting of the anime characters was also pretty good. Some of the animation is rather dubious, like backgrounds and some random CGI, but not enough to turn me off or to not recommend the anime. Those instances are few and far between except backgrounds, because those continue throughout the anime, but attention is drawn away from it due to the action. GO WATCH IT!!!

The music is also great. I am pretty impressed overall with the anime and the manga is just awesome. It satisfied the insane craving I’ve had for a while.

I’ve also found a new OTP with Yuu-chan and Mika. All you fujoshi out there should check out the few really good fanfiction stories on them. Please add to this budding fandom!


Small Fandom Yaoi Part Two: Giotto x Tsuna – Hitman Reborn

Wow, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I figured it was time to do something for the yaoi fans out there again! Maybe I might be able to introduce you to a new pairing you can get hooked on! This is a very unconventional pairing and many may not like it, but I find it intriguing.

This is the pairing of Giotto and Tsuna from Hitman Reborn!
Tsuna x Giotto [5].jpg
I know what many of you are saying, a relationship between them is not possible! And some are even questioning my reasoning for writing this post, but strangely, I love this pairing.
Don’t knock it until you try it!

Sadly, the only way I can get my jollies regarding this pairing is through fanart and fanfiction. There aren’t many (if any) doujinshi written about them as far as I know.

In much of the fanfiction I have read, they are mostly Alternate Universe (AU)-based. The plots of these fics generally cover Tsuna and Giotto being blood brothers who eventually end up in an incestuous relationship. I haven’t read one yet where Giotto was anything but the seme (it would definitely put me off if he were the uke, I mean would that even seem right to you?)
However, there are some AU-based fanfics where Tsuna meets Giotto for the first time and they aren’t related at all. But most of these fics portray Giotto as the perverted, tsundere seme that enjoys seeing our adorable little Tsuna cry.
The canon-verse based fics tend to make convenient use of the concept of time-travel. The mode of time-travel varies depending on the different plot lines, but the outcome generally remains the same: Tsuna goes back in time, meets Giotto face-to-face and love eventually blooms.
That was very watered down and bland compared to the stories I’ve read, but don’t let that stop you! This pairing is awesome and there are a few great fanfic authors who have done the pairing justice.
Check out and and select them in the filters section for some great reads!
Until next time!

Divinations with Urara Meirochou

Happy Monday everyone! Mondays aren’t particularly happy, but maybe this will lift your Monday mood! Okay guys, today I will talk about a new anime I am following called Urara Meirochou. This may not be for the guys, as it is on the cute side of the anime spectrum, unless you’re into that. I’m not one to judge! Now, let’s get into the thick of things!



There’s a town called Meirochou, in which girls starting at age 16 work to become Urara, fortune tellers that specialize in different types of divination. They exist to help people who are lost on their walk through life.


The main character, Chiya, a wild child raised in the woods surrounding the illustrious town turns 16 and makes her way to town to become one of the aspiring Urara there.


Her goal is to become number one out of all Uraras along with her new friends and fellow trainees: Koume, Kon and Nono, as well as ultimately finding and meeting her birth mother. During their training, many mysterious things happen that may change Chiya’s life forever.


The original story was written by mangaka Harikamo and published by Honbunsha through Manga Time Kirara Miracle! magazine. It is still ongoing if you want to check it out.


The anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and created by J.C. Staff. It is also still ongoing with one season of 12 episodes. Since the Japanese version has not been completed yet, I would assume that in the future, English dub licensing will most likely be done by FUNimation, as are most non-Jump series anime. I would love to add this to my current DVD collection!


I recommend this for all those who love a good plot and are into adorable characters. It’s fascinating to watch and the artwork is a kaleidoscope of cute! Totally check it out when you get the chance! Until next time!


The Heroism Craze: Boku no Hero Academia

For those who have not seen this one yet…

Not only One Punch Man carries the plot of the Earth becoming a den of superhumans and a government whose protection lies in the hands of “Heroes”. Here is another story who has adopted the plot of Heroes being paid by the government commensurate to their use in the field.

The main character, Midoriya Izuku, happens to be the underdog in this tale. A funny looking kid with green hair, wimpy build and freckles, does not yet have a power to add himself to the now normal superhumans that surround him on a daily basis. However, his fervent wish is to become one of the acknowledged heroes he sees patrolling the streets and saving bystanders from pop-up monsters, also with superpowers.

But how can he gain the powers to compete with these overpowered Hulks populating the city and his classroom, when he can’t even protect his friends or himself from overpowered bullies?

Screenshot 2017-02-21 22.23.02.pngScreenshot 2017-02-21 22.24.34.png
The Hero Otaku, Izuku, religiously takes notes on the powers granted to others, in hopes he can identify his own. He weighs the pros and cons of each power and determines just how useful they are on his personal scale. He is waiting on something called a “quirk”, something that the new age children are born with and begin to manifest around the age of four. Based on a rare anatomical condition Izuku has, he has inherited no quirk from his parents, which means superpowers for him are virtually impossible.

Screenshot 2017-02-21 22.25.45.pngScreenshot 2017-02-21 22.31.11.png
When Izuku finds himself in a pinch on his way home, he is saved by his favorite Hero of all time, to whom he poses the question “Can I become a hero?”
This quirkless nerd finds himself traversing the gangly path towards his dream of attending the Academy for Heroes.

Screenshot 2017-02-21 22.32.07.pngScreenshot 2017-02-21 22.33.51.png
I admit, I am kind of late getting to this particular anime, but it looks promising. I think it’s cute so far, and I can see it getting real later on as the plot unravels. I also like Izuku. The artwork initially had me hesitant, despite what my friends have told me about it. But I have learned time and again not to judge a book by its cover. I am excited to see where this goes, and if some of you haven’t seen it yet, like me, I would suggest giving it a try. You just might like it!