Kenja no Mago – The Devil King

So, I’m really excited about this anime! The main character is too OP for his own good, the special effects are dope and the artwork is great! The first 4 episodes were awesome and after having caught up in the manga, what’s to come is going to be more epic than what I’ve already seen! So, here’s what it’s about…


Shin Wolford, an adult in modern day Japan, dies in a car accident and is reborn in a new world where magic and monsters exist as an infant orphaned by a demon attack.

Adopted by the legendary hero and magician, Merlin, he excels in all magic and martial arts he is taught by the various mentors that dote on him as much as his adoptive grandfather.

His adoptive grandmother Melida, also legendary in her own right and former wife of Merlin, constantly admonishes the child for trying new and dangerously destructive spells (though they never harm him and almost always succeed).

Recalling the memories of his old world (in which he was an adult), Shin remembers the scientific knowledge of that time and applies it to the different types of magic he has already mastered to create innovative and nearly impossible (to those around him) applications to magic and its theories.

Just to give an example of the effects of Shin’s magic…

That was a mouthful…

Merlin decides to teach his charge how to hunt and defeat demonized animals at a very young age and the child does so flawlessly.

Shin’s Search Magic

Later on, Shin finds out the importance of all of his mentors, Uncle Dis being a King of a country and many other important people at the table. It was like a diplomatic gathering in his grandparents’ kitchen!

Invited to the school of magic in Uncle Dis’ country, after a promise from the king that Shin would not be used for political or military gain, Shin learns common sense by socializing with the new friends he has gained upon arrival.

A classmate turns into a demon on campus and Shin is the only one around that can handle the situation, but something isn’t right…it seems the boy’s demonization isn’t normal. It is up to Shin and his group from the newly formed “Ultimate Magic Study Group” to uncover the dastardly plans of a newly discovered enemy!


The manga is literally a static form of the anime. The artwork is the same, the script is basically verbatim, I just get to see everything in action and full color every week!

Just a note though, the manga artwork is a lot more graphic than that of the anime, the death scenes are like super intense. The manga also has a lot more information in terms of the explanations surrounding the science behind Shin’s magic spells and his magical worldview.

I got totally hooked on the manga and the anime and eagerly await continuing episodes and chapters!

If you haven’t started watching it, you definitely should. You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time!


BACCANO!: Guns, Violence, Intrigue and..IMMORTALS?!

SO, I am on the rebound and trying to catch up with everything I’ve watched over the course of last year. Here’s one that I watched….I feel so late on this one, and I absolutely LOVED it!

Baccano! was animated by Brain’s Base, the same studio that animated the original Durarara!! intially. Baccano! is a great show adaptation of the light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita.

Light novel based anime tend to be pretty awesome…

like Durarara!!

or Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou

or Code Geass, a classic!

Well, in my opinion, this anime also belongs in the “classic” category.

From the music down to the action-based animation scenes, this story rocks!


The story has a bizarre way the plot unfolds, much like Durarara’s peculiar nature.

Accompanied by old-time jazz music and 1930’s beats, the plot starts with a lead-in of a girl who works in a newspaper that decides to revisit articles in a particular string of occurrences involving a train crash.

The story proceeds to branch off from the train boarding, to the view points of all involved in the crash…human or non-human, that had their own red string of fate connected to the tragic event. Many die and most are murdered by a strange supernatural being that has boarded the train with them…


It’s slightly confusing in the beginning if you’re not totally paying attention, but by episode 3, you begin to see connections, and the tale’s intricate web makes a grand design before long.

You probably didn’t get much out of that, but watch it, trust me, and you’ll get what I’m talking about. It’s somewhat difficult to convey into words how amazing this one actually is or give too much of the plot without spoiling the experience for you. So, I’ll leave it mysterious for you so you can solve it yourself!

This anime showcases the skillful writing and masterful storytelling that the light novel must have exemplified!

I know that the way I’m writing is a tad flowery, but that’s how this anime makes me feel. It’s profound in the way the events unravel. Though this could just have me in awe because I am a writer myself and hope to one day reach this level of magnificence. It makes me feel the same way I did for Durarara!!, which was my first tip-off that it was animated by the same studio (initially).

They like to pick strange and eclectic pieces.

Two characters I believe are hilarious are Isaac and Miria.


They are great comic relief during the macabre scenes that riddle the story line. Isaac and Miria are funny even surrounded by guts and corpses.

In the group of crazies though, I think Claire Stanfield is the craziest out of the bunch…he’s so cute though!


This anime has great action with an old time feel!

It’s an oldie but goodie, if you’ve seen it you should re-watch it and if you haven’t you definitely should add it to your “watch list”!

It’s a little hard to find good pictures for this partucular anime without giving you the whole thing, so I’ll just leave this trailer here for you to reminisce on….

Carole & Tuesday . {A Musical Revolution} .

Introducing another amazing anime title by Studio Bones! I am too excited about this one, so we’re going to jump right in!


Music is a universal language, appreciated by young and old, rich and poor, prudish and carousers. Some don’t get why a person would pursue that profession, as unstable as it is for most. Many who try to end up becoming a part of a large community of starving artists. But these girls are willing to make that gamble and plan to take over the world of music!

A girl named Tuesday, probably born on Tuesday, and a girl named Carole, probably born on Christmas, have a chance meeting during the latter’s illegal street performance in Alba city.

Running away from home with a suitcase and her guitar, the rich girl Tuesday cannot abide her stuck up family not understanding her calling to be a musician.

Carole, fired from yet another job at a burger joint with rude customers, is determined to rise from the gutter and into greatness!

Carole and Tuesday hit some snags beginning their journey.

Armed with a piano and a wonderful set of pipes, Carole strives to share her talent with the world. She knew no one was really listening to her in her section of the sidewalk, but Tuesday found a matching wavelength in Carole just as she was on the verge of giving up after being robbed at the train station.

Carole’s melody

Becoming fast friends and roommates, they decide to take the world of music by storm with their not-yet-hit single “The Loneliest Girl” (title taken from Tuesday’s notes).

“The Loneliest Girl” hit single created!

One guerilla performance later, they have a new manager and a brighter future!

To be honest, this song is one of the best I’ve heard in a while and got inspired listening to it. And the English in the song is pronounced flawlessly. I LOVE IT!

Song from their Guerilla performance…drop mic

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and if you haven’t started watching this yet, you need to get on it! Carole and Tuesday rocks! I can’t wait to see what more entertainment this new anime will bring!

Until next time!

Hump Day Anime Jamz

Took a little break for a minute there. Taking German, so some breaks might happen here and there. Though I say all the time that I don’t ever intend to be gone too long, I can never predict what will happen from day to day.

But I digress. I thought this would be a cute and quirky little post to share with you guys, give y’all a little taste of what I’m listening to…

DJ for a DAY!

For those who need a good jam for work, this is the middle of the week, and hump day requires a little motivation to get through the day!

I love listening to anime music straight from the musicians that made it in its original canon form, but I also love coming across some other fan-created renditions of it.

For you jazzy folks, here’s some Studio Ghibli with a beat!

There are other similar such videos you can find in Youtube’s algorithm!!

For people who need a more Hip Hop feel to their music, here’s some great beats created with Naruto BGM. Incidentally, this video is one of my favorites!

Not leaving out the classical music buffs! There’s so much out there for you guys to listen to! Here’s one example from Fullmetal Alchemist, but a good channel to search on Youtube would be: Soul of Wind, check that out!

And not to mention, some good old canon BGM searched by Composers or anime titles and awesome covers! One of my personal favorites: Hiroyuki Sawano! Included are also videos for Mahoutsukai no Yome (some beautiful classical pieces there) and Covers for Violet Evergarden (another awesome anime soundtrack)!

Hope you guys can work a little easier with some compelling compositions!

I hope to post again soon!


D. Grayman Hallow

***Possible Spoiler Alert!!***

This is another anime that I’m kind of late discussing with you all. After many years of waiting, due to the manga being on a really long hiatus, the new season of D Gray man aired! To be honest I thought the anime was not getting a continuation after the original ended. But obviously, that was not the case.

The manga is wonderful! After the original anime season ended, I picked up the manga volumes to satiate my curiosity on the rest of the plot (as the story line between both mediums is basically the same) and boy was I not disappointed! Marian Cross’ supposed death was the main mystery that looped through the next arc of chapters…and quite frankly, despite his deplorable character, I love Cross, so I was kind of heartbroken when they killed him off. I’m really kind of hoping he miraculously isn’t dead though.

For those of you who know not of what I speak and are reading this like “What is this so called D Gray man? What does the D stand for?” I may be able to answer the first question, the second I’m not too sure about. Let me quickly catch you up on the overall plot before we touch on the second season lol.


The story is set in an alternate end of the 19th century and begins with an orphan named Allen Walker who finally finds the base of The Dark Order, the headquarters of a secret organization of exorcists that exist to fight off Akuma. In this case, Akuma are not just demons, but weaponized human souls that work with an evil being named the Millennium Earl.

Episode 1 Title Img

The Millennium Earl goes around to those in grief after a loved one has died. He tells them that they can revive the souls of those that they have lost and implant them in a doll he has made specifically for that purpose (honestly, the doll looks like the strange unfinished model dolls that you tear away from a frame).


The exorcists at The Order fight using a substance called Innocence, or God’s crystal. These crystallized Innocence fragments are implanted in various weapons, giving them supernatural powers after the crystal (having a will of its own) finds a suitable host.

Some exorcists have a parasitic-type Innocence in which the crystal is implanted in their bodies and the exorcists themselves are weapons instead of using a weapon as a medium to activate the power of the crystal…does your head hurt yet? Lol.

Allen Walker is the latter type, having an Innocence fragment embedded in his arm. Allen is a special kid though, having been cursed by his caretaker Mana after turning him into an Akuma. The curse gives him the power to see the entrapped souls of the Akuma, and also their original form after they have been set free from bondage.

The original D Gray man follows through chapters 151-154 of the manga. D Gray man Hallow picks up with chapter 165 of the manga.

D Gray man follows the plot of the manga, though some things were skipped over in the original series to save time in wrapping up the plot and fit everything into the last two episodes.



The new season begins amidst a battle for Innocence, as is the norm for this group. Leading the fight is Inspector Link, playing a riveting game of Chess with a disembodied hand for the Innocence embedded in its ring.

After the last battle with Tyki Mikk and the level 4 Akuma at the end of the original series, the Dark Order had to change its location with the help of Allen and the Ark.


Immediately, Leverrier whisks Allen off to have a secret meeting guarded by Crows (high-level guards under the direction of the High Council) to be monitored as Allen converses with Marian Cross. Insert bomb drop here…


Allen comes to find out that his life is not his own and he is actually the lost Noah from the Millennium Earl’s “family”. Instantly, he is seen as a threat to The Order and is strongly discriminated against. He is then on the run from the exorcists in the order, a strange Innocence that has no container with a will and mind of its own that wants to “become one” with him, and the Millennium Earl himself that wants to simultaneously “be by his side” and kill him.

From here on, the new season basically follows the manga, but there are some important things that seem to be left out of the plot that may become a problem if they ever want to continue after this.

Allen and Kanda still have a kind of shaky relationship, but the way Kanda feels about Allen slowly changes after Allen stuck his neck out for him and Alma Karma (wanna know more about him? Watch the anime!!).


At first, I was kind of weirded out by the new artwork, but I admit the animation is MUCH clearer than that of the Original series. The special effects and backgrounds are much clearer as well. The colors are much more vibrant, but sometimes the vibrancy makes things look metallic even when they’re not made of metal (like Lenalee’s hair).


Some of the character designs also didn’t fully match the original series (like the shadows surrounding Miranda’s eyes).


Though I must admit, Kanda looks much prettier in the new series!


I would say it’s pretty good. There were things I didn’t like about it, but it was good enough that I hope they decide to continue the series. After getting over the animation change, I began to really like it, especially after watching the new season a second time, lol. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!


Tate no Yuusha – Rise of the Shield Hero

I first learned about this anime from my co-blogger Reonnichi and I got a little curious. I’m glad I did though, because I got hooked immediately. This anime really gave me some emotional turmoil for the sake of the main character…it actually had me yelling at the screen for the unfair treatment the guy was going through. That kind of reaction from me is pretty rare in the grand scheme of things, though I do it a lot, the storyline has to have certain aspects for me to feel that strongly about it. This is one of those plots.


Iwatani Naofumi (Japanese Name Order), an otaku in college who likes to play video games and occaisionally read a good light novel, finds himself in a library searching for something new for recreational reading. Little did our poor, innocent main character know that his literary adventure had just become a literal adventure! A portal opened up in the book telling the tale of four foreign heroes that have come to fight in the waves and save the kingdom of Melromarc from hordes of monsters.

Waves are anomalies in the dimensional veil that serve as a portal for malicious beasts to enter into the kingdom with the sole purpose of eradicating humans. They are timed, the timer being large, magical hour glasses throughout the land under the protection of the church.

He arrives as the Shield Hero, not knowing anything about this new world, nor that he was supposedly the weakest and most useless out of the four heroes.

The other heroes are the Bow Hero, the Sword Hero and the Spear Hero (there will be more on this guy later).

Right off the bat, Naofumi is treated as if he isn’t worth dirt. Despite being needed to save the country from monsters from another dimension, he is ignored by the king, not chosen to form a hunting party with and sorely underpaid for his services.

Feeling sorry for him, a beautiful redhead decides to be the only person willing to join his party in their quest. Later, Naofumi is betrayed by her when he is robbed in his sleep and accused of raping her.

This lie was so fantabulous, I could have lost my lunch….

Instantly, Naofumi is seen as an outcast and shunned by all who know about the incident, including the other three heroes. Motoyasu, the Sword Hero, is the most naive and believing of the evil princess’ story and seeks to destroy the Shield Hero for his impudence.

The unfair treatment only gets worse and more ridiculous as the story goes on. But even so, Naofumi levels up and begins to show himself more worthy of the title he is bestowed than any of his otherworldy colleagues.

Setting out on his own, Naofumi buys a slave named Raphtalia from a slave trader and raises her as if she is his own daughter, despite his young age.

Though Naofumi has a soft spot for Raphtalia and later another slave he treats as a daughter named Filo, the Shield Hero still holds an insane amount of hatred for the world that called him from his home against his will and treated him as though he didn’t belong there. I mean, in my opinion, if you don’t like me so much, you could have left me at home right? We’d all be much better off!

There are several times after the purchase of the slaves where Motoyasu believes it is his right and moral duty to fight for the freedom of the slaves under Naofumi’s care. He is proven time and again that the girls are happier than they ever could be with their master and the effeminate looking Spear Hero with no brains needs to butt out of other people’s business!

Doesn’t this look more like a kidnapping?!

Preparing for the Waves to come, Naofumi has to ensure that he is not overcome by the rage he feels so that his holy weapon does not curse those around him.

Regardless of his rough attitude and his justifiably sour disposition, Naofumi has the potential and the drive to become the best Hero the country has ever seen with his ultimate tanking skills! He won’t let the shackles of the Shield hold him back any longer!

Here’s a good nutshell that Crunchyroll provided with a great trailer!

The season is almost over, but if you haven’t started watching it, Tate no Yuusha is a great anime!

The manga is really good as well. I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to Naofumi looking younger in the manga than he did in the anime, but once you get used to the slight difference in art style, the plot will suck you in!

Manga Chapter Title Page

So Cute It Hurts!

Who likes sign language? I know at least some of you are polyglots who at some point were interested. I have a personal interest in it because I have someone deaf in my family. But many of the deaf people I know are only aware of American Sign Language (ASL). Did you know many other countries have their own forms of sign language?

Japan also has their own sign language, JSL. You’ll get to see some static images of it later on in this post. In the meantime, get ready for a confidence overload!

“So Cute It Hurts”, sounds like someone needs to learn the meaning of modesty, lol. That’s just what the boy in a set of twins needs to learn in this story. Megumu and Mitsuru, the Kobayashi twins, both share the same face and the same height.

Both were named after famous historical figures, but Megumu was the only one to become a straight up nerd and history buff, more specifically a Sengoku Jidai Otaku who loves Masamune Date, the famous One-Eyed Dragon.

On her way home one day, Megumu is saved by a guy from falling down a set of stairs. Never having felt attraction towards anyone aside from her romanticized form of historical figures, she feels her heart pound and her face warm for the first time as she accidentally kisses him!

Her brother, Mitsuru on the other hand, sports jock and all-around ladies’ man (who believes he’s God’s gift to everyone and not just women), struggles with his grades. He gets the brilliant idea to have his sister switch places with him in school (insert weird crossdressing part) so she can pass his tests for him and he can go on his Sunday dates…ya know, because they have the same face and all so no one will notice and Megumu will be totally fine.

This ingenious idea is completely shot down by his sister, though he later forces her into it anyway by stealing her uniform in the morning and leaving his along with a wig (lol).

While her brother is having the time of his life being introduced into the co-ed experience at Megumu’s school, she walks into a nightmare at his rowdy all-boy’s school.

Apparently, one of his classmates is after his head for seducing and secretly dating his girl, and poor Megumu has to fight him or be beaten into a bloody pulp! But the guy that saved her on the steps the other day goes to Mitsuru’s school?!

Mitsuru isn’t without his fair share of problems. The one chick he thought was cute is a phony and the girl he falls in love with happens to be deaf (told ya we’d talk about it)! Here’s a small snippet of the sign language in this series, but Mit-chan works very hard to be able to communicate and we get to see more as he learns! If ya wanna learn a couple of words and follow along with our hopeless playboy, I suggest you stop by the nearest bookstore or local library and pick up a volume or two!

Good luck learning that new language when you can’t keep your head above water at your own school Mit-chan!

This manga is totally funny, cute and full of budding love in the most unlikely places to the most unlikely couples. If you get a chance, I recommend giving this a read!

Here’s volume 1 for reference…