Strike the Blood


I know it’s been ages since I’ve wrote on here but have no fear I plan on making a full comeback ^_^

OK so my latest anime obsession is Strike the Blood. You like vampires? You like cute chicks? What about a vamp with a hentai kink? Well….you all are just in luck….Strike the Blood has all three elements and more.


Strike the Blood

A little background of this anime:

The main character is Akatsuki Kojou, who’s your slightly normal 16 year old high school. Except, he just gained the ability of immortality from the vampire known as The 4th Progenitor. If you’re anything like me you’re over there wondering, “What in the world is progenitor??” Well, progenitor is actually 1 of 3 vampire lords that rule the world. Kojou is being observed Yukina Himeragi, who’s a sword shaman sent by the Lion King Organization to kill Kojou if his powers seem to threat to the already powers that be.

What makes this anime so compelling is the fact that the main character is a complete perve. The guy gets turned on by blood and most of all when he kisses a new female with high spiritual powers he gains more control over his own vampiric powers. I think what really got my hormones raging was when Kojou took human blood for the first time. Ohh My God!!!! That expression on Yukina’s face when his fangs pierced her skin was pure stimulation. I wanted whatever it was she feeling at the moment. I literally had to pause the scene, take a moment, fan myself and take a deep breath before I could hit play again. I live for moments like this….don’t judge me.


*fan girl scream*


Another little tidbit that had me hooked is the love triangle that involves Yukino – Kojou – Asagi. On one hand, there’s 14 year old Yukino, fresh out of The Lion King’s orphanage who was really sent to meet Kojou for other reasons “wink wink” unknown to her. And on the other hand you have 16 year old computer genius Asagi, who’s Kojou best friend. Asagi is what I like to refer to as the “Rem-life” character. For all those Re:Zero fanatics out there, Rem needs no introduction . However, I feel I should explain why I bestowed the “Rem-life” title to Asagi. Like Rem, Asagi is known to be madly in love with Kojou but seen only as the “best friend”. Literally does anything Kojou asks of her without hesitation. This girl had literally hacked into all sorts of places for this guy and what happens to her?? She gets bumped by the darn 14 year old….or does she. Hmmm, I don’t want to give too too much away. Sooo on that note if I’ve sparked your curiosity please show your support of Gokuto Mikumo’s “Strike the Blood” and then find out the answer to the love triangle by watching the 8 episode series of “Strike the Blood II” which actually just released on November 23, 2016 and will be concluding on April 26, 2017.


Strike the Blood Second 

Visit these sites if you would like to give Strike the Blood series a try:


I hope you find this anime as stimulating as I did.

ciao ^_^