Fall Anime 2015: One Punch Man

Hi guys! I haven’t been back for a while, sorry! This is the first blog of the year. I am a terrible blogger when it comes to finding time. This Fall we have a serious line-up of new anime! And a lot of them look good!!
Today I’m going to talk about one that I recently got into…One Punch Man!
I was first introduced to this anime through a Facebook post my friend put up about the fight between the main character and a ninja and I was sold!
This anime is pure gold! It is hilarious and has a pretty decent story line despite the many comic moments in it.
So, the story is about this guy named Saitama who couldn’t find work anywhere. He applied and got rejected so many times, he did not feel life worth living and walked the streets as if in a trance.
On the way home, a crab monster appeared in front of him after having killed many people. It was going to kill him off, but it didn’t because he said Saitama had the same dead look to his eyes that he did. While he spared our main character, he was on his way to find and kill this kid with a butt-shaped chin that had drawn on him while he was asleep.
Saitama comes across the kid and decides he’s going to save him.
After defeating the monster, Saitama decides he will give up on trying to get a job and will become a hero for fun.
Screenshot 2015-12-06 21.37.58
As he fights new monsters, he continually defeats them with only one punch. Thus the name of the show.
I love this anime. At first I thought it was going to be less than impressive, and it certainly does have many gag anime elements, but the action in the anime was surprising. I was really not expecting One Punch Man to be as epic as they have made it.
These are a few pictures showing some moments of hilarity for me in the anime:
Screenshot 2015-12-07 17.04.54 Screenshot 2015-12-07 20.21.27 Screenshot 2015-12-06 22.09.47
**side note, though it would have been extremely funny, the first and second photos are from unrelated scenes…
One of my favorite fights was the one Saitama had with the ninja in episode three. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it, that episode is HILARIOUS!
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new fall anime to watch (if you haven’t already started this one)!
Till next time, Otaku no minna, mata ne!