A New Futuristic Anime: Aldnoah Zero


Okay, so I felt I needed to finally talk about this anime. Sorry for being gone for 10,000 years, but I have gotten really busy lately. But enough about me. It’s time to talk about the new season of a show that I have gotten completely hooked on, and that is Aldnoah Zero.

For all you otaku out there who aren’t really into mecha anime, this is another one, but I still urge you to give this a try. It has mechas in it, but in my opinion, the plot does not make them the focal point. There is fighting and characters do die, but trust me, it is well worth the watch. For everyone who loves politics, there is a whole lot of that in here too!

On to the plot…

It is set in the future and humans have colonized Mars. However, the Martians have been there for a long time, so at the start of the story, we are dealing with 3rd or 4th generation Martians (maybe even a longer period than that) because they have established their own legends and working political structure. They have found a power called Aldnoah, which only those of the royal line could have full control over and for normal people to be able to use this power, someone in the royal family must bestow this power upon them. Likewise, a person of royal lineage could also take this power away from them. The Martians and people of Earth (in here called “Terrans” like Trinity Blood), have developed a sort of hatred toward each other and so tensions are always high when they have to have dealings between the planets. But there are some, like the Princess of Mars that want to create a lasting peace between them and start a line of tourism, and beneficial travel agreements between the planets.

Now that the stage is set, the story (after explaining all that) basically starts with these high school kids (like many anime) who are supposed to work crowd control for the coming arrival of the Princess of Mars as an ambassador for peace. However, things go awry when a faction of rebels attack the Princess’ convoy and kills her in the middle of the street using nuclear weaponry. Earth is blamed for the attack as a whole and the Knights of Mars collectively come down to Earth to destroy all opposition and retake the land for themselves.

The main character (and my favorite character) Kaizuka Inaho, is basically a quiet kid, but his battle strategies are unequaled in effectiveness. He is the reason Earth begins winning battles against the highly advanced technology in the Martians’ possession.

Inaho_Kaizuka tumblr_n9oewcBy4p1tibhtlo2_r1_1280

This is also the first time I have seen an anime featuring my hometown, New Orleans, in it even for the short period of time it was in there. ^_^

Aldnoah Zero New Orleans aerial view

I can’t say anymore without completely spoiling it for you guys, so I’ll stop here. But trust me when I say things get real later on. I highly recommend this anime and if you haven’t started watching it, there is already a second season, so it’s time to catch up! ^_^



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