Prince Katsura no Miya of the Yamato Dynasty

I believe we should take a moment of silence for the death of Japan’s Prince Katsura.

Prince Katsura, cousin of Emperor Akihito, dies at 66

He died on June 8, 2014 due to a massive heart attack. He never married and left no legitimate children. Though this is a bit late, I thought I should still share the news with those of you that weren’t yet aware. The Japanese Imperial family has always been deeply rooted in Japanese history and culture and the position had been featured in many movies, manga, anime and other facets of the entertainment industry as well as part of the Shinto religion. I am terribly sorry for their loss. The Prince was a great man and the world has lost an important historical figure.


The Japanese Royal Family

Born of the Yamato family line, those of the Imperial family are said to be directly descended from the sun goddess Amaterasu.


The current ruling head is Emperor Akihito. The religion of the Imperial family is Shinto. Many times they have been seen worshiping at Ise Shrine.


The Life of Prince Katsura

He was the second son of Takahito, Prince Mikasa and Yuriko, Princess Mikasa, born on February 11, 1948. He was the current Emperor’s first cousin and 6th in line for the Chrysanthemum throne.

Prince Katsura, cousin of Emperor Akihito, dies at 66

He had been highly active in public life despite his confinement to a wheelchair, and had honors both at home and abroad. He was a strong supporter of Sumo Exhibition matches.

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Here is another picture of the family dressed for the funeral.