YOLO: Yuuri on ICE!!

こんいちは、みんあさん!Всем привет! 안녕하세요 여러분!

In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, I want to put passion to paper and discuss Yuuri on ICE!! I know this post is late compared to when the anime actually came out, but I personally feel this is the perfect time to post this after being hyped up about figure skating this year!

Also, on a side note, this anime brought a lot of attention to social media as a world-wide communication platform. As a social media marketer and graphic designer, it made me feel warm inside that they gave that style of marketing some much needed attention.

First, we’re going to start this off right by giving you a taste of one of the many beautiful performances by consecutive gold medalist Hanyu Yuzuru-san for the Men’s Figure Skating in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

…now that we’ve whet your whistle, let’s jump into the anime! Just a note, I will be spelling Japanese Yuri as “Yuuri” and Victor as “Viktor”.

Katsuki Yuuri, Japanese figure skater who lacks confidence, suffers from frequent anxiety attacks, bottles his emotions and has the hugest crush on consecutive World Gold Medalist Viktor Nikiforov this side of the world, takes center stage as he completely bombs his short program in competition.

Mistaken for a fan by his biggest idol instead of a fellow competitor, the poor man heads home with his head low and hopes dashed. But not before he bawled to his mom in a bathroom stall and being confronted by a spitfire Russian skater that shares his first name. Give him a break, he’s had a rough day!

Arriving home and feeling as though he let down all his fans, Yuuri wallows in despair and self-deprecation, healing himself through many bowls of katsudon. Determined to redeem himself, of only slightly, he visits Hasetsu Castle to skate, copying Viktor Nikiforov’s program only to find out the Nishigori triplets uploaded a video of the private performance on social media…and it went viral!

Enter Viktor, with his over-the-top personality. Hitching a plane to the Katsuki Inn, Yu-topia, he seduces Yuuri in the baths (keepin’ it PG) and becomes his coach!

From then on, it’s truly a battle to improve himself. Yuuri, through training and new experiences, learns how to express himself with confidence on the ice.

He not only finds his Eros, understanding how truly sexy and valuable he is, but he also finds love like he’d never known before…a love he never thought he’d get the chance to know!

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There is so much more I want to say about this anime, from the animation to the music to the fluidity of the plot and the quirky little funny scenes. However, there isn’t enough space on the page to write everything I feel about this anime!

But here is a taste, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words after all…ENJOY!

And Crunchyroll shared something special too!


Bloody Mary

I just wanna say, this particular manga is the closest thing to a Boy’s Love manga I have ever read that was made by Shojo Beat (SB)  magazine entrants. I won’t say I’m an expert on all things SB, but I have read my fair share and I must say…this plot is cuttin’ it pretty close. I mean, just look at the manga’s cover art! Come on!




Maria is your run-of-the-mill high school student…or is he? Enrolled at a parochial school, Maria, descendant of a very powerful exorcist, must fight vampires who are after his blood every time he leaves campus! He carries a cross that turns into a holy weapon detrimental to creatures of the night. But as luck would have it, one night the vampires get hip to his bluff. Maria doesn’t even know how to use it!


Meanwhile, Mary a.k.a. “Bloody Mary” is a vampire who seeks his own demise religiously and quite literally has a death wish. He hates his lust for blood.


But Mary is special, in that he’s not like other vampires. He is not susceptible to many of the perils that afflict vampires. He can walk in sunlight, his reflection shows in mirrors, etc. Mary is almost normal…or can at least pass for normal.

For centuries, Mary has searched for Maria’s descendant in order to die, only to find him and realize he has no powers of exorcism!


Thus a pact was formed. Due to Maria’s strong desire to live, he enlists Mary’s help in return for eventually granting the vampire’s deepest wish. Mary is to become Maria’s bodyguard and use him as a source of sustenance until Maria learns how to use his ancestral powers and fulfill his promise of death to the tired vamp.


It’s a great read and Maria’s sadistic streak makes for some hilarious situations! You should totally give this manga a try!

Til’ next time. Toodles!

The Demon Prince of Momochi House

Perusing my manga collection in search of my muse, I came across a title that I thought to blog about. It’s a cute little manga called “The Demon Prince of Momochi House”!
The story and art was done by the awesome Aya Shouoto-san. I just want to say, I really love her art style, in a shoujo manga love sort of way, lol.
As most shojo beat manga, the story centers around a young girl who eventually gets mixed up with a group of bishies!
Our protagonist, Himari Momochi, ends up inheriting a house on her 16th birthday. However, rumor has it, the house is haunted! Coming from an orphanage, she believes this house will be a new and bright beginning for her, but upon arrival, she sees the place trashed and occupied by handsome squatters!
Violently showing her ownership of the mansion, she becomes their new landlady, much to their chagrin. What she doesn’t know is, the house is on a barrier between the natural and supernatural world. Though she is meant to be the guardian, the leader of the squatters by the name of Aoi Nanamori, has assumed her role.
The three beautiful men all try to discourage her presence there (for good reason as you later find out), going so far as to try to scare her away from the mansion! But Himari is one strong and determined chick! In pure shojo fashion, Himari will whip them into shape. These men will find it hard to make Himari give up the only link to her family!
It’s a great read and I totally recommend you pick up your copy at the nearest chain bookstore!