YOLO: Yuuri on ICE!!

こんいちは、みんあさん!Всем привет! 안녕하세요 여러분!

In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, I want to put passion to paper and discuss Yuuri on ICE!! I know this post is late compared to when the anime actually came out, but I personally feel this is the perfect time to post this after being hyped up about figure skating this year!

Also, on a side note, this anime brought a lot of attention to social media as a world-wide communication platform. As a social media marketer and graphic designer, it made me feel warm inside that they gave that style of marketing some much needed attention.

First, we’re going to start this off right by giving you a taste of one of the many beautiful performances by consecutive gold medalist Hanyu Yuzuru-san for the Men’s Figure Skating in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

…now that we’ve whet your whistle, let’s jump into the anime! Just a note, I will be spelling Japanese Yuri as “Yuuri” and Victor as “Viktor”.

Katsuki Yuuri, Japanese figure skater who lacks confidence, suffers from frequent anxiety attacks, bottles his emotions and has the hugest crush on consecutive World Gold Medalist Viktor Nikiforov this side of the world, takes center stage as he completely bombs his short program in competition.

Mistaken for a fan by his biggest idol instead of a fellow competitor, the poor man heads home with his head low and hopes dashed. But not before he bawled to his mom in a bathroom stall and being confronted by a spitfire Russian skater that shares his first name. Give him a break, he’s had a rough day!

Arriving home and feeling as though he let down all his fans, Yuuri wallows in despair and self-deprecation, healing himself through many bowls of katsudon. Determined to redeem himself, of only slightly, he visits Hasetsu Castle to skate, copying Viktor Nikiforov’s program only to find out the Nishigori triplets uploaded a video of the private performance on social media…and it went viral!

Enter Viktor, with his over-the-top personality. Hitching a plane to the Katsuki Inn, Yu-topia, he seduces Yuuri in the baths (keepin’ it PG) and becomes his coach!

From then on, it’s truly a battle to improve himself. Yuuri, through training and new experiences, learns how to express himself with confidence on the ice.

He not only finds his Eros, understanding how truly sexy and valuable he is, but he also finds love like he’d never known before…a love he never thought he’d get the chance to know!

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There is so much more I want to say about this anime, from the animation to the music to the fluidity of the plot and the quirky little funny scenes. However, there isn’t enough space on the page to write everything I feel about this anime!

But here is a taste, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words after all…ENJOY!

And Crunchyroll shared something special too!


Small Fandom Yaoi Part Two: Giotto x Tsuna – Hitman Reborn

Wow, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I figured it was time to do something for the yaoi fans out there again! Maybe I might be able to introduce you to a new pairing you can get hooked on! This is a very unconventional pairing and many may not like it, but I find it intriguing.

This is the pairing of Giotto and Tsuna from Hitman Reborn!
Tsuna x Giotto [5].jpg
I know what many of you are saying, a relationship between them is not possible! And some are even questioning my reasoning for writing this post, but strangely, I love this pairing.
Don’t knock it until you try it!

Sadly, the only way I can get my jollies regarding this pairing is through fanart and fanfiction. There aren’t many (if any) doujinshi written about them as far as I know.

In much of the fanfiction I have read, they are mostly Alternate Universe (AU)-based. The plots of these fics generally cover Tsuna and Giotto being blood brothers who eventually end up in an incestuous relationship. I haven’t read one yet where Giotto was anything but the seme (it would definitely put me off if he were the uke, I mean would that even seem right to you?)
However, there are some AU-based fanfics where Tsuna meets Giotto for the first time and they aren’t related at all. But most of these fics portray Giotto as the perverted, tsundere seme that enjoys seeing our adorable little Tsuna cry.
The canon-verse based fics tend to make convenient use of the concept of time-travel. The mode of time-travel varies depending on the different plot lines, but the outcome generally remains the same: Tsuna goes back in time, meets Giotto face-to-face and love eventually blooms.
That was very watered down and bland compared to the stories I’ve read, but don’t let that stop you! This pairing is awesome and there are a few great fanfic authors who have done the pairing justice.
Check out fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org and select them in the filters section for some great reads!
Until next time!


Okay guys! I’ve been posting a lot lately, lol. I wanted to share another anime with you, and this one is fairly new, as in created within the last year or so. If you want to be technical, that makes it somewhat old when you think of recent anime shelf life huh? But I digress.


We’re gonna focus on Kuromukuro, a production of P.A. Works. This plot is somewhat ambitious, mixing futuristic mecha technology and samurai/bushido culture connected by some strange form of cryostasis and and cloning used for time travel. It’s actually streaming on Netflix in Dub! Let’s delve into a brief rundown of these two seasons of awesomeness!


A United Nations research facility by the name of Kurobe Laboratory located in the Japanese mountains found an ancient artifact that they have yet to unlock. Many mysteries surround it, more so when they find out the mecha can only be opened by the Chief Researcher’s daughter, Shirahane Yukina (Japanese name order).


And what of the recently re-awakened samurai who was trapped inside in cryogenic stasis for 400 years?! Why does he think Yukina is his long, lost princess?!



Forced to become a working member of the facility, Yukina and the samurai, Kennosuke must put aside their initial differences and work together to fight the onslaught of an upcoming alien invasion!

Let the battles begin!


Personal Takeaways

I love Yukina’s dad. He was so goofy, it was adorable. And he was a nice lookin’ old man to boot! You don’t actually get to see him in action until like episode 23 or 24 though.

Yukina's Dad.jpg

The artwork of this anime is amazing! I really love the thought they put into it based on art, plot and general cohesiveness of all its components. It was really well made and highly entertaining! If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest giving it a look see!

They even have an official website!

Kuromukuro Official Website

Check it out when you get the chance! Until my next post…mata ne!

Ao No Exorcist Gets Second Season!

OMG!! I am so excited about the new Ao no Exorcist season! I am a total Blue Exorcist fan girl and this is like the best thing EVER!
Screenshot 2017-01-16 21.57.15.png
For those of you who don’t know, Ao no Exorcist is a story revolving around a set of twins. Both are the spawn of Satan, but only one inherited powers from good ol’ dad. And get this, the brothers are adopted by a man of the cloth of all people! Being raised in the beginning of their life by old man Fujimoto, Okumura Rin, the demon twin, and Okumura Yukio, the human twin, began training as exorcists.
Screenshot 2017-01-16 22.27.57.png
Yukio retains an IQ level bordering on the insane, whereas his poor older twin is left sorely lacking in that regard. Seems like the younger brother stole all of Rin’s intelligence huh?
All throughout the anime, Rin struggles to pass his exorcist classes. Rin grows to be jealous of his brother Yukio who was light years ahead of him academically, already having reached the rank of Middle First Class and well on his way to becoming a Paladin. The younger twin also just so happens to be Rin’s Anti-Demon Pharmacology professor in Cram School! Despite all of the monumental setbacks, Rin strives to become the best exorcist he can be while wrestling with his out-of-control demonic powers.
Now that’s out of the way, my thoughts on the first two episodes of season two are as follows…
The animation is just as superb as the last season. I see no marked change, which is a really good sign. Not like some other anime titles where the new seasons took on a different style that happened to be worse than the original. The backgrounds are also pretty awesome!
I think it’s cute that Bon’s family has that distinct Kansai accent. And Bon looks so much better to me without that Mohawk, don’t you agree?
Shura also gets a lot more screen time this round too! She wasn’t seen as much in the first season, so that is totally awesome!
It starts out with action almost right off the bat. I had initially thought Rin was going to have become a tad more mature, but sadly, that isn’t really the case. Everyone seems to have a problem with our cute half blood, including his little brother. I hope eventually they get over their personal problems, especially since Rin never really hurt anyone. The second episode starts showing a bit more intrigue in the plot, I can’t wait to see how it goes! I can’t wait for episode two! Until next time guys!
Screenshot 2017-01-16 22.28.04.png