Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I want to tell everyone every single detail of this K Drama sooo bad but I don’t want to spoil this 😭

So I’ll settle for an overview and hopefully this alone will piqued your interest in this heart wrenching drama.

The beginning starts off with this poor woman who discovers that her boyfriend and best friend have been going together behind her back. *gasp* Literally in less than 10 minutes the viewer gets to see main character, Go Ha-Jin, get beat up by her best friend while the boyfriend stands there and does nothing. Then to add to all of that mess, they kick her out of her own apartment she shared with him. Just when I thought her life could not get any worse…bam!! It does. While rescuing a drowning child Ha-Jin actually drowns instead. She wakes up and finds herself transported to the year 941 of the Goryeo dynasty and in the body of a younger woman named Hae Soo. Now this is where it becomes paradise for me. She learns that she is the cousin of the 8th Prince’s wife. There are about 7 princes in this show and at least 4 of them are omg drool worthy.

The 8th prince, Prince Wang Wook, is calm and gentle. He’s wise and very heart warming. His character does a huge transformation in this drama. He is portrayed by Kang Ha-neul, whom we all may know from the hit drama The Heirs.



The 10th prince, Prince Wang Eun, is cute and adorable. I literally had a slight fangirl moment when I realized this was Baekhyun from EXO. His character will make you smile throughout the entire show. eun1


The 4th Prince…is bae alright. Prince Wang So is perfect in every way and he’s mine. He’s dark. He’s mysterious. He just steals my attention throughout the entire show. This character has it the hardest out of everyone on the show. He struggles with his own identity and fights for the love of his parents, which unlike, his other brothers he did not receive. He is portrayed by Lee Joon-gi. You might know this sexiness from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and also the Criminal Minds (K-Drama Version).


The 13th Prince, Wang Baek Ah, is on the slick sexy cute. He’s that brother that starts off aggressive but then you figure out what’s his issues are and you have no choice to let his feelings pull at your heart strings. He is an extremely gifted artist and has many scenes where he is just drawing his surroundings and people he encounters. He is portrayed by Nam Joo-Hyuk who just recently completed his work on Bride of Habaek which the K drama version of the populr manhwa Bride of the Water God. He portrays Ha-Baek the God of Water. I actually finished that drama and will have an entire blog on that one too.


As the viewer you get to watch Hae Soo, the main character, as she struggles with palace politics and finding love. This show is really worth a look. If not for the plot, watch it for the Princes. I swore up and down that the 3rd Prince was related to T.O.P because he looked exactly like him.   There are many  side characters that will make you cringe and want to strangle them. I cried watching this show. I laughed and giggled and I also fangirled sooo many times.

If you like sexy men and historical dramas this one is quite the watch. The only thing that grinded my gears about this show is that it should have had a second season. I know must dramas don’t but the Chinese version Scarlet Heart did and it completed the story line. What do I mean by that?? Well, you’ll just have to watch this drama and see ^_^



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