ANIME: The Past,Present and Future!

This is a blog my friend did. I thought it was really well done and wanted to share it with my Hakkyou followers! ^_^


Anime in it’s purest and even goriest forms has been an integral part of American otaku lives for the last 20+ years. Looking back at all the anime i’ve personally watched, i can say that the “golden age” of anime in America started in 1996. However if you go back farther into the very early 90’s you’ll find the first anime series to make it to the states. Who can forget shows like samurai pizza cats,Voltron and Battle of the planets! these shows took young kids like me by storm with their new look and amazing take on action scenes and really paved the way for a lot of what is considered “Golden Age Anime”. The “golden age” really started on cartoon network with a small little program block called Toonami, which took kids by storm. Every day from 4-6 we would all tune in on cartoon network and watch…

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