2PM (투피엠) – Korean Pop Band


This was a band that really impressed me. They’re not just a bunch of androgynous real-life bishies. I know you may be asking “why is she doing an article on a Korean pop band on an anime blog?” Well bear with me please, I do have a point with this.

These guys are lyrical geniuses that are adept at multiple languages. In my opinion, they are fantastic in the things they can do. Their first studio album was released in 2009 called “The First Album 1:59 PM”. One of my favorites out of their Korean songs is “Hands Up” which was released in 2011. Later in 2011, they made their Japanese debut. These artists have amazing voices and they are also great dancers. Check out some of their music videos on Youtube sometime.

Believe it or not, the first time I found out about 2PM was when I heard “Take Off”, a Japanese song used as the first ending theme for Ao no Exorcist.

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That song ended up being one of my favorites, but it wasn’t until one of my friends who was a Korean drama fangirl talked to me that I was informed they were actually a Korean group. They also have other Japanese songs, so feel free to check them out. Their music is off the chain, man! I just wanted to inform all those who also didn’t know much about this band and their effect on the anime/manga community. Hope you enjoyed it! ^_^



2 thoughts on “2PM (투피엠) – Korean Pop Band

  1. Hooray kpop! Heard again and again but not take off. o:

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