Kuroko no Basuke (anime)


I wonder if anyone has noticed the recent rising trend in Sports anime. Seeing all these new anime (in this particular genre) reminded me of something Akito Takagi said in Bakuman about manga artists riding the train on things that are currently popular. bakuman_3_sleepyfans.13

The plots are all interesting and the artwork is wonderful! They make me aspire to draw like that one day.

Recently, I have started to watch some of the new anime and a fairly new one I have come across is Kuroko no Basuke.


The manga is written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki-sensei and was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2008. The anime is directed by Shunsuke Tada and produced by Production I.G. In Japan, the manga has sold over 9 million volumes and was considered one of their best sellers. It’s been a really long time since I have seen such testosterone-driven anime like this one! It has all the components to be a great shonen anime and it adds many twists to the plot that I would not have foreseen.


Kuroko Tetsuya (the main character) is part of a group of super athletes called the Generation of Miracles. But, strangely enough, Kuroko has no presence and even less skill at playing basketball despite his love for it. However, the other characters quickly find out he is the best at passing and has a skill called “Misdirection”.

Misdirection is a skill that tricks the eyes of other players, making your opponent think you’re going to do one thing, but you end up doing another. You utilize your observation of a player and draw his attention away from yourself, the ball or other players on the court.

Kuroko no Basuke - 04 - Large 28Accelerating_pass_anime

Kuroko is a support player, making passes from the shadows. He meets an exceptionally strong player named Kagami Taiga and creates a bond through the sport and a common goal to defeat Kuroko’s former team, the Generation of Miracles.

One player that stands out as an antagonist is Aomine Daiki, a tanned, tall and beastly basketball player who believes no one can beat him in a game. because of this idea, Aomine doesn’t try hard to win the games he plays and slacks off eventually finding basketball boring. As a former teammate and having been the closest player to Aomine in middle school, Kuroko wants to win against him to bring a love for the game back to Aomine.

Only one can beat me is meKuroko no Basuke - 17 - Large 06

The road isn’t easy, but Kagami and Kuroko aren’t quitters! None of his new teammates want to confess their love naked if they lose (something their coach told them they’d have to do).

KnB print screen

The anime is currently ongoing in it’s second season. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out!

KnB Tetsu and Kise


2 thoughts on “Kuroko no Basuke (anime)

  1. I just started watching Kuroko no Basuke after reading your review and it’s awesome! Now I know why my friends are so hyper about it. 🙂

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