The Great Debate: Nagato’s God Complex

I had to share this with you all on the blog…..I cannot believe this conversation came up…..lmfao My mind just can’t wrap around this. 

What you are about to read is a conversation that happened around 12 in the morning on Facebook.

Original Post: hey guys!!! time to learn a new word: autolatrist – one who worships themselves.  Sounds like a god complex to me, does Nagato ring any bells?

Contender: No Nagato didn’t worship himself or truly wanted to worshipped himself. He wanted to free the world from pain, his methods cruel but compared to what he went through it was easy.

Poster: yeah, but in the anime, before he came to the side of light, they did say he had a god complex lol  I love Nagato, evil and good, but that does not excuse the complex lmfao

Contender: Love him but do you understand him??? Nagato may have acted as a”God” but what gets people attention more than anything…..something greater than you. If Nagato has a god complex than Itcachi must too and even naruto. If you had the power to change everything at your will, would you not use it?

Poster: yes, but nobody actually said that they had ascended to the level of a god. They may have been conceited at one point or another, but never actually said “I have attained the level of God”….only one that said that was Nagato

Contender: Yes nobody did and what I’m saying is they have power to change their world for better or worse. Nagato being as powerful as he is brought nearly everyone who he himself killed at the leaf village back to life, something a God could and would do and that doesn’t just rub off as someone worshiping themselves. He didn’t ask for prays or for ninjas to build churches for him in his name. He just left the future to Naruto who could find a better answer and make a better world.

Poster: He left the world to Naruto only after the fight and he got his mind right. All before that, he had a god complex. He genuinely thought he was god and forced the people of Amegakure to treat him as such. Anyone who didn’t believe his claim of being god were seen as childish and primitive including Naruto and Jiraiya. he had a complex and that phrase was used to describe him in the anime through the English and Japanese versions.

Contender: Uh okay I understand I’m done debating opinions. You are right.

*sigh* smh

So cannot believe that happened at 12 in the morning….had to share that epicness lol



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