Mechacon 9


Oh my gosh! Sorry this update is somewhat late, but Mechacon this year was AWESOME!! It was the first time I successfully cosplayed a character! I made my own cosplay (with the help of my mother) and cosplayed Asuna from Sword Art Online this year. I also volunteered. Later I shall post articles on the panels I attended and the anime I watched while there. I found out about some other cons that are going to be in and around New Orleans taking place this year.

The artist’s alley was great, some really great peeps showed up this year. Shout out to my friend Lisa who was one of the artists there selling her wares. You can find her and some of her work at:  or You can contact her for commissions as well.

For those of you who missed the con, there was a line-up of old Power Ranger crew, the Mighty Morphin’sImage

including the continuous presence of Johnny Yong Bosch at every con. 

I also saw many great cosplays which shall be featured in another article later. 

Tune in for more Mechacon 9 information. ^_^



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