K (Anime)

Written by GoRa and illustrated by Yui Kuroe, K Project is probably the first seinen based anime I have ever liked! I’m not a huge fan of seinen or mecha type of anime although I have watched a few titles. However, what drew me to K Project is the fact that I read and enjoyed both the prequel mangas entitled, K: Memory of Red and K: Stray Dog Story.

I thoroughly enjoy the story line in K Project because it literally starts where the prequel mangas end therefore you won’t have to deal with fillers waiting on the anime to catch up to the manga or vice versa. This anime is filled with stunning action scenes and vibrant colors. We all know I’m a sucker for any anime or manga filled with bishies and K Project has this and much more, Bishies with Kick Ass abilities called Strains.


K: Stray Dog Story


K: Memory of Red


K Project

K Project follows the lead character Yashiro Isana who starts out as your normal average high schooler. The table begins to turn when Yashiro is suspected of murdering Tatara Totsuka, who was HOMRA’s 3rd in command. All members of the Red Clan of Homar set out to revenge their fallen comrade by wanting to kill Yashiro. K project follows all the twists and turns Yashiro must go through to not only prove his innocence but also find a cold blooded killer who has proven to be quite powerful and deathly. The anime combines characters from K: Stray Dog Story and K: Memory of Red. If you haven’t read the mangas, they aren’t a perquisite to enjoy this anime. However, I always usually read the manga of any anime first so that I can compare similarities.


Another plus about this anime is that Johnny Yong Bosch is the English v.o.a for Saruhiko Fushimi, 3rd in Command of Scepter4, the rival gang to Homra.


Johnny Yong Bosch as Saruhiko Fushimi

Go and check out this anime when you get a chance!!!





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One thought on “K (Anime)

  1. tonisenpai says:

    wow, nice article!! I saw some of the video. Looks great!! I wanna check it out, so I think I might be reading the manga first. ^_^

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