Pacific Rim


Over the weekend, I saw Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D and it was AWESOME! Oh My Gosh…there are no words to describe how epic it was. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you run to do so before they take it out of theaters. Because then you’ll be waiting for the DVD release.

The movie was so close to an Evangelion live action, I was expecting Shinji to pop up piloting a robot!


The earth has to fight alien invaders from another dimension, the portal located deep in the ocean in a crack beneath tectonic plates. They defeat them with robots called Jaegers. The main character,  Raleigh Becket, is a pilot who goes through a phase of fame and then severe trauma after losing someone important. He then later creates a new bond with a Japanese woman named Mako. They learn to operate their unit together as a team while the world hangs on their shoulders.

What surprised me were the similarities of the operation of the robot between the movie and Evangelion. Though in Evangelion, generally one pilot takes care of one fighter unit and this movie requires two, the operation in both the anime and film require the brain and neurological passageways of the pilot to connect to the inner workings of the machine.

Should any part of the machine be destroyed during combat, the operator in charge of that part of it, be it one pilot or two, feels as if that part of their actual bodies were injured or lost due to connected nerves.

The amount of Japanese in the movie was amazing. I loved it and felt like a true otaku the whole time I watched it.

I was also extremely impressed with the soundtrack. It was great!

All in all, I strongly recommend anyone, who hasn’t seen it to drop what you’re doing and make an appointment with the nearest movie house!


3 thoughts on “Pacific Rim

  1. CT says:

    This was hands down one of the best movies I have ever seen. I wish more people would have seen it. I hope a secound movie is made. Hell I would even take a prequel. Lol

  2. reonnichi says:

    Great article ToniSensei!! When I first heard of Pacific Rim I automatically thought of this as a live action Gundam movie and have been dying to see it too!!

  3. tonisenpai says:

    lol I’m glad you like the post reonnichi…and
    i agree with CT lol

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