The Nature of Villains in Anime.

Who here doesn’t like a good villain in any good story they are the element that anchor the plot and all of the characters therein. Tonight for the pleasures of my fellow evil doers and for my official introductions I JackalDono will be your tour guide on a brief excursion into my feelings on three of my favorite villains so buckle up and let’s go!


What else can be said about this man “the twisted author” “the one true shinigami” Light Yagami was a terror in his own right and while he was a great villain im going to say something about this man, Light made me hate deathnote now that being said he is still one of my favorite villains.


His desire to be a “god” was his folly I felt the show undermined his intelligence what im saying is that Light Yagami should have foreseen his demise the man was a genius and I find it unbelievable that even with his shattered mind he could not foresee a loss and then he accepted that loss in such a horrendously poor fashion.


Crying like a maniac and begging for his life was unfitting for someone shown to be as ruthless as he was him dying had to happen but it could have and should have been handled better.



What Light lacked in composure Lelouch made up for in spades this man is hands down is a villain after my own heart. The man with the plan Lelouch was ahead of the world’s game from episode one and I enjoyed every second of this series. Lelouch does give me hope for villains but admittedly his performance and presence was apart of my falling out with Light.


The form of Zero was amazing it sold two things that I love in a villain ELEGANCE AND POWER which both lelouch and his alter-ego Zero had in droves there isn’t much left for me to say on him but LELOUCH VI BRITANNIA FTW!!!!



And here we are the end of the list with my favorite anime villain of all time JOHAN LIEBERT this man takes the crazy from Light and the Grace/Composure of Lelouch and turns it into some kind of evil martini. This man here is strictly nightmare fuel he oozes an aura of sheer creepiness and commands followers and respect wherever he goes.


He is the titular Monster of the anime by the same name and through a twisted maze of mindrape and mystery he lures all of the main cast to their final places expertly and seals their fates in a manner that even not all of them are entirely aware of even at the series end.

Well everyone that was my intro to all of you any and all feedback is helpful and I will post another soon.




3 thoughts on “The Nature of Villains in Anime.

  1. reonnichi says:

    Out of all your villains, I would have to say that Lelouch was a true Gee LoL He was elegant as well as devious. He played the part very well. Welcome to Team OtakuHakkyou ^_^ *wink* Great first blog!!

  2. tonisenpai says:

    Nice blog man!!! I agree with reonnichi-san, Lelouch is my favorite lol Wonderful job man!! I was geeked out while reading this lol

  3. utsumemaru says:

    Man this was clean bro I gotta say though light was my dude

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