Bakuman Revisited

SPOILER ALERT!!! Well, not really but kinda…if you don’t want to know about the ending  at all until you read it, then I suggest you not readthis blog article. If you have read it or don’t care either way, then by all means, read on!!!!


The ending was so cute I almost cried! It was an ending I was satisfied with. I am sad to see Bakuman go, but I can always re-read it from the beginning.

Getting the role of Naho Minadori was difficult for Azuki. Image

It was awesome how her mom made a victory dinner with katsu (カツ) the Japanese word for “pork cutlet” to symbolize katsu (勝つ) the characters for “win”.

Despite how well she did, the landslide win was predictable. Though I did think the internet vote and live audition were really great ideas used to quell the rage of the masses brewing from Mashiro and Azuki’s relationship.

I loved the decision to end the manga before the anime started. It wrapped up any loose ends that could have screwed up the ending for the entire Bakuman series.

I wonder if this was the same reasoning Obata-sensei and Ohba-sensei had when they decided to end Bakuman. Did they decide the story had gone on too long and wanted to create an ending befitting the plot? Was ending it Jump’s decision? Was the decision fought over, or had the manga lost votes with the Japanese population in the surveys? So many questions come to mind.

I was impressed with how mature Mashiro has gotten by the last volume. He isn’t so hung up on getting first place of everything or obsessed with rankings. Instead, he’s looking toward the future, toward the next masterpiece they intend to create. But Mashiro still needed help proposing to Azuki. I had a girly moment when they re-enacted their first conversation! The only thing I was disappointed with here was that they didn’t invite me to the wedding! lol

It was great how the fans reacted to Reversi’s ending. Everyone speculated on why it happened that way. Intellectual discussions were born from these speculations, thus creating deeper bonds between otaku and making manga a more reputable genre of literature. In my opinion, this as it should be. We should share our intellectual ideas with one another and build bridges across the world through manga!

…and Ashirogi finally surpassed Nizuma.

…and the rivalry continues.




3 thoughts on “Bakuman Revisited

  1. utsumemaru says:

    Pretty cool series here

  2. reonnichi says:

    Pretty cool way to end a manga series, I must say! Soo many great manga series have decided to continue publishing new chapters as an anime series is being adapted. This causes the story line to stray far away from the original plan. Glad Bakuman decided to end before the anime began. Great post ToniSenpai!

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