Bakuman Ends in August!!!


So, who reads Bakuman? I have been following the manga since it came out and though I haven’t seen all of the anime, I have seen enough to realize it flows almost exactly like the manga. All 19 volumes are a part of my manga collection. I have respected the work of Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei ever since I was introduced to their work in Death Note.Image

That story was revolutionary!! But I digress. Since Bakuman came out, I held high hopes for it because of its predecessor and it didn’t let me down. I had the suspicion that they fashioned this new manga somewhat after their own lives, seeing as many of the circumstances in the story matched the story of their collaboration.

I have to admit, I wondered how they could pull off the life of a mangaka as an effective plot-line for a shonen manga, but each act was so jam-packed with testosterone, it became classic Shonen Jump materialImage

…and even added romantic elements for its female audience.Image

One of my favorite characters is Eiji Nizuma because he reminds me of a close friend of mine. ^_^ Image His eccentricity brings humor and life to the story. However, it gets real when he gets serious!

I am also a Fukuda fangirl!!! He even has his own fan blog:

The eternal rivalry between Nizuma and Ashirogi-sensei (Akito and Mashiro) is the best part of the manga for me.

Their path to manhood through fierce dedication to manga is deeply touching. However, as wonderful as this manga is, I have found cause to be concerned about the ending. August of this year marks the very last volume of our beloved Bakuman. Though I understand Mashiro’s urgency to reach this goal in order to marry Azuki, I feel it’s too soon to end it. The final volume has yet to reach stores, however, I believe the ending will end up being rushed, like there’s more to the story and not enough time to tell it based on the ending of book 19. The scandal just ended with Azuki and Mashiro and there isn’t enough space to continue the unfinished rivalry between Nizuma and Ashirogi, which leads me to believe it will be faded out into “their rivalry pushed them to become Jump legends and blah blah blah” as something very generic or worse it will be left open-ended, which I kind of hate. I am afraid to find disappointment at the end of volume 20, but I’m crossing my fingers for that not to be the case. 

This shall not deter me from actually buying the final volume or stop me from being a die-hard avid fan, but it is a cause for great worry on my part. Despite my concerns, should the ending not meet my standards, I’ll just suck it up, most likely write a fanfiction depicting my preferred ending and await their next series. Based on their previous accomplishments, any new titles under their name is almost guaranteed to be epic!!

This is another interesting website I found…fans in Germany!! Isn’t that cool?!



5 thoughts on “Bakuman Ends in August!!!

  1. CT says:

    I watched the first episode and I have to admit I liked it. That’s big because I like balls to the wall action and super powers.

  2. reonnichi says:

    Amazing post Toni-Senpai^_^ I have to say I agree with you wholeheartedly. I really hate when you’ve dedicated soo much time into a series, to finally make it to the end, and worry if the ending will make the series Epic or Generic…my fingers are crossed that this manga doesn’t end disappointing its fan world wide. Arigato ^_^ !!!

  3. Jt says:

    The way you talk about it makes me want to start reading to see my own feelings about it. Sounds so cool.

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